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The shard is currently in a soft opening while we resolve any issues found by players before our official opening 9/1. We invite you to come play, there will be no wipe between now and then, but we do advise you that some skills still need work.


From Sanctuary Shard

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We will be using the last set of Serv UO scripts that we built. The user manual will contain only those aspects which are non-standard additions. To those who have never played UO before; this wiki does not teach you how to play UO, rather it assumes you know how, and only need to know what is new or different from standard game play. We will make an effort to provide a selection of other websites for players new to the game mechanics.


Please note that we have AOS (Age of Shadow) changes DISABLED on Sanctuary. We are not using any of the elemental resists or elemental damage options now standard in Ultima Online. Instead, we are using a blend of new stuff with the elemental aspects turned off, as well as a return to the old magic item options for power, destruction, etc. We understand that some of the screens (gumps) still show elemental resists, but they SHOULD NOT affect game play. (If they do please report it.).

This means that many of the skills in-game are not exactly like standard UO; so when reading UO Stratics or UO Guide, please keep this in mind. We do intend to do more with magic items and stuff, but not for a while.

Please Report

We are sure that there will be a number of things we find that will need to be fixed, as it stands, between now and Go Live (9/1). Staff reserve the right to fix/confiscate anything they think is either unbalanced or just plain ugly. Please help out and report any of the following things:

  1. Glowing or spangled colored items.

Known Issues

  1. 8/11/19: Necromancy, Spellweaving, Chivalry (Devotion), Ninjitsu (Deception) and Bushido (Precision) are all only partially implemented because we turned of AOS and they all need a review and some attention. They should be resolved in a few weeks.
  2. 8/11/19: There are some really badly scripted mobs in the base Serv UO code and occasionally spawning them crashes the shard. Please be patient with us as we try and get Underhill spawned.
  3. 8/11/19: Almost all of Grimmwold's crafting system has been moved over, but some with more skill then others ... expect changes to keep coming.
  4. 8/14/19: Weapon abilities being set to pre-AOS.

Not Skills

How to Train Skills
Skills on Sanctuary use our Grimmwold methods for skill training, including passive gains, 2 min timer activation, no difficulty checks, more than 1300 skill points using a .spec setting, and so on. In addition, you can purchase limited training from NPCs as well as advanced " book skills" both of which are available on Master NPCs. Read More ..
Message of the Day
Sanctuary uses a message of the day command (.MOTD) which also functions as our event calendar. Players can create their own events and tag a location allowing guests to join them at the event location.
Custom Player Commands
Sanctuary has a number of custom commands that players should familiarize themselves with. Read More ..
We offer both player housing and player shops. Please note that houses can not have vendors, and shops are required to have stocked vendors. Read More..
Armor on Sanctuary is pre-aos with heavy customization. Read More ..
Player vs Player
There are a variety of ways in which player vs player conflict is initiated and resolved on Sanctuary; including a dueling system, a guild PvP system and RPCSS. Read More ..

Combat Skills

Most of the melee, barding and spell casting skills should match OSI/Base UO as of 2016 which is the version of ServUO we are currently using. We are happy to transfer over any updates, assuming it doesn't effect any core systems or balance issues. If you discover something is missing, please request its addition on the forums.

Barding Skills

This skill works like Discordance on Stratics.
This skill works like Musicianship on Stratics.
This skill works like Peacemaking on Stratics.
This skill works like Provocation on Stratics.

Melee Skills

This skill works like Anatomy on Stratics.
This skill works like Archery on Stratics.
This skill works like Fencing on Stratics.
This skill works like Focus on Stratics.
This skill generally works like Healing on Stratics but there have been changes for Sanctuary. Read More ...
Mace Fighting
This skill works like Mace Fighting on Stratics.
This skill works like Parrying on Stratics with one significant difference. Read More ...
This skill works like Swordsmanship on Stratics.
This skill works like Tactics on Stratics with a slight change to damage scaling. Read Me ..
This skill has been disabled for Sanctuary until the script and art team can look at upgrading our client. Read More ..
This skill works like Wrestling on UO Guide.

Warrior Specialities

Precision was Bushido
This skill works like Bushido on Stratics.
Devotion was Chivalry
This skill works like Chivalry on Stratics.
Deception was Ninjitsu
This skill works like Ninjitsu on Stratics.

Spellcasting Skills

Evaluating Intelligence
This skill works like Evaluating Intelligence on Stratics.
Imbuing has been deactivated on Sanctuary for the time being.
This skill works like Magery on Stratics.
This skill is pre-aos. Read Me ..
This skill has been disabled for Sanctuary until the script and art team can look at upgrading our client. Read More ..
This skill will work like Necromancy on Stratics, but is currently functioning at limited capacity, choose at your own risk..
Resisting Spells
This skill works like Resisting Spells on Stratics.
This skill will work like Spellweaving on Stratics, but is currently functioning at limited capacity, choose at your own risk..
Spirit Speak
This skill works like Spirit Speak on Stratics.

Thieving Skills

This skill works like Begging on Stratics.
Detecting Hidden
This skill works like Detecting Hidden on Stratics.
Forensic Evaluation
This skill is a combination of Forensic Evaluation, Arms Lore, Taste Identification and Item Identification. Using "Forensic Evaluation" from the skills menu will use one of these four skills depending on the target. Read More ..
This skill works like Hiding on Stratics.
Lock Picking
This skill works like Lock Picking on Stratics.
This skill works like Poisoning on Stratics.
Remove Trap
This skill works like Remove Trap on Stratics.
This skill works like Snooping on Stratics.
This skill works like Stealing on Stratics.
This skill works as it did on UO pre-AOS.Read More ..

Wilderness Skills

Animal Lore
This skill works like Animal Lore on Stratics.
Animal Taming
This skill works like Animal Taming on Stratics.
This skill works like Camping on Stratics.
Herding is a craft skill on Sanctuary like on Grimmwold. However, OSI/Base UO Herding is also implemented a part of this skill. Items and NPCs still need to be placed.
This skill works like Tracking on Stratics.
This skill works like Veterinary on Stratics.

Resource & Craft Skills

Most of these skills function like the craft skills from Grimmwold except where the Grimmwold craft skill was nearly identical to OSI/Base UO anyway; in which case, we have used the updated version of the crafting skill from ServUO circa 2016. If you discover NON-AOS updates available on OSI/Base UO, and you'd like us to investigate adding them, please put the request on the forums.

Resource Skills

Herding is a craft skill on Sanctuary like on Grimmwold. However, OSI/Base UO Herding is also implemented a part of this skill. Items and NPCs still need to be placed.
Farming was Taste Id
Farming works like farming on Grimmwold.
This skill works like Fishing on Stratics but includes necessary Grimmwold crafting resources.Read More ..
This skill is a fusion of lumberjacking from Base/UO as described on UO Guide, as well as from the Grimmwold crafting system, plus new additions. Read More..
This skill works like Mining on Grimmwold. Read More..

Crafting Skills

This skill is a combination of Grimmwold's Apothecary and the original Alchemy on UO Guide. Does not include the expanded potions from High Seas. Includes the bookskill for glassblowing. Read More..
Artistry was Item Id
This skill worlds like Artistry on Grimmwold. Read More ...
This skill works like Blacksmithing on Grimmwold. Read More..
This skill works like Carpentry on Grimmwold. Read More..
Cartography has been disabled on Sanctuary until the maps can be updated to use our new world stage map.
This skill works like Cooking on UO Guide with additions from Grimmwold crafting. Read More..
Fletching aka Bowcraft
This crafting skill was transferred over from Grimmwold. The skill generally functions like the base UO Fletching skill but has some additions and reductions.
This skill works like Inscription on UO Guide. Read More..
This skill works like Tailoring on Grimmwold. Read More..
This skill works like Tinkering on ???. Read More..

Book Skills

Bee farming and candle making
Is current the OSI/Base UO book skill of Tinkering, but needs to be changed to being Grimmwold's book skill of artistry.
Beer Brewing
Should be a book skill of cooking when written. Currently only in design.
Fine Furnishing
Crafting furniture release for the Asian art expansion
Glassblowing is a book skill, not its own skill, and is implemented with alchemy on Sanctuary.
For growing special potted plants.
Is a book skill of Artistry
Sidhe Carpentry
Crafting furniture released in the elven art expansion.
Special Dyes
Crafting special dye tubs that use our custom hues.
Stone Crafting
Crafting items and furniture made out of stone.
Harvests magery reagents.
Wine Crafting
Needs to be implemented
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