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Status as of June 8th, 2019: We have a tentative lore, list of races, map plan and start date. All things going according to play we hope to open August 1st, otherwise September 1st. Design Page Moved to here.


From Sanctuary Shard

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We will be using the last set of Serv UO scripts that we built. The user manual will contain only those aspects which are non-standard additions. To those who have never played UO before; this wiki does not teach you how to play UO, rather it assumes you know how, and only need to know what is new or different from standard game play. We will make an effort to provide a selection of other websites for players new to the game mechanics.

List of Custom Features/Scripts

  • Passive skill gains
    • Does not include crafting skills
    • Gains on some skills are temporary after use (magery, etc.)
  • Learning from NPC's appears to be 'functional' - there is a dialog for it - but even at 0 you "know all they can teach"
  • .spec to set 3 each Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, and Crafting skill caps (100, 80, 60, and 100, respectively)
  • Farming is implemented, but not currently listed in the skills window/scroll.
    • Herb farming/harvesting seems to be in place, book is in game, but doesn't appear to actually be necessary.
    • Horticulture appears to work as in base UO.
    • Wine making/brewing does not appear to be in game.

Not Skills


Barding Skills

Combat Skills

Warrior Specialities

Crafting Skills

Spellcasting Skills

Thieving Skills

Wilderness Skills

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