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From Sanctuary Shard

Okay, so this is how we are going to do this. I've make a ton of blank links for images that I will upload from my Pinterest board. These should all be in game, but we don't know the name they show up as nor do we know the skill level it takes to craft. We are going to put this information right into the image code as explained here:

  • File name is the name of the file you are uploading, I am just doing it in a serial increment as shown
  • Alt= is going to be used by us to categorize what kind of item this is, so we can sort more easily when we are ready, so we are looking for a word like pants, boots, shoes, skirt, dress, robe, etc.
  • The last section in the codes should be the name of the item as it exists in game and the level it takes to craft. Example: Fluffy Shirt, 70

We have two exceptions to what we are working on, namely two images from Pinterest that are multiple items on a single page. I want to break these out and do one item for one picture with the name and skill level, but I don't know which are actually craftable, so I need to know if they are in game and then I can pull out the individual items from inside uo.

Name of Item, XX
Name of Item, XX

New Art Status

We will not be adding any new clothing art until the upgrade to High Seas Expansion has been reviewed and implemented or discarded.

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