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From Sanctuary Shard

Evocation is the primary damage-dealing magic skill.


Evocation is the first of five magic skills to be implemented. Sanctuary magic is being changed away from a jack-of-all-trades skill into five separate and distinctive skills in keeping with the other sets of combat, taming, and bard skills. Evocation's primary purpose is to deliver direct fire and energy damage. The system has 10 combat spells that scale to the player's skill level and a handful of role-play spells specifically intended for the role-play of Evocation. The title for Evocation is Sorcerer.

Please Note
This skill has not been reviewed for PvP. Portions of this skill may not work in PvP. Ultimately, there will be an overall check of PvP, but that is many months off when more of the skills under development are complete.


This skill replaces the skill Throwing which should be transparent to players using the new client, but not perhaps to those still using the OSI client. Please note this skill is effectively unusable with the OSI client.

Purchase a full Book of Evocation from the Master Mage. Acquire gems from hunting, player miners or NPC jeweler. Acquire a white gem stone mortar and pestle from a Mage NPC. Aquire gem dust vials (Amethyst, Citrine, Ruby, and Sapphire) from the Mage NPC or a player with Glassblowing. Locate an apothecary table; found at most craft halls or NPC Mage shops. Grind the gems up into dust and fill up the gem dust vials.

Set your target to training dummy in the .spelloptions dot command and go practice Flame Surge for skill gain.

Spell damage 
.. is scaled upwards based on Evaluating Intelligence and Mana.
Based on the spells skill range the damage of a spell will scale. If the range is 0 to 100, it will scale upwards starting at 0 skill and reaching maximum damage at 100 skill. If the range is 50 to 70, the spell is not castable until 50 skill, and the damage will skill up to maximum damage at 70 skill.
Some spells will gain a damage boost above and beyond the specified skill range.
Most of the spells in Evocation attack whichever mob is the player's current target. This target can be set either by double-clicking the mob, the mob's health bar, or using the .nexttarget dot command. This allows magic to be "single click" combat if the single click option is set in the client or a macro is configured.
In addition, Auto-attack spells can be used on training dummies as well to allow the player to train on them in the same way that melee can. This is changed by using the .spelloptions dot command and changing your Targeting Strategy.
The spells can be cast using the .cast command. Evocation spell IDs are shown in the table below.
Spells do not fizzle, instead they always cast if the player's skill level is equal to or higher then the minimum skill range for the spell but they cast at reduced effectiveness.
Evocation consumes gem dust which ground from gems and stored in vials. The vials are not reusable.
Evocation spells have the concept of cooldowns. The spells have very short cast times, but they have a cool down which stops the player from being able to cast that spell again for a period of time. The spell icons in the client will display as red, and show a countdown to when they can be used again.
Auto attack spell
Flame Surge is the Evocation auto-attack spell. These spells, once cast, will continue to fire off every few seconds at your target. Reagents are only consumed when you activate them, but mana is taken every time the spell fires off. The spell icon for the spell will change to green when active. If you want to stop the auto attack, cast Flame surge again. Auto attack spells are also the only spells that can be used on training dummies to train your Evocation up that way.


Spell Mana Skill Range Reagents Cast Time Cooldown Range Spell ID
Flame Surge


2 0-100 Amethyst Auto Attack 18 Tiles 801
Flame surge is an auto-attack spell that can be toggled on and off. It will continually attack every 2 seconds. It can be temporarily interrupted by moving or casting another skill, however, it will automatically continue attacking once you stop moving or the other spell is complete. The spell will stop if toggled off or if the target is not longer valid. The reagent is only used upon activation, but mana is taking at every attack. The damage will scale up from 0 to 100 skill.


4 50-70 Ruby 1 sec 5 secs 14 tiles 802
Brimstone is the first area of effect spell, it sends out flaming rocks to the player's current target and any mob within 2 tiles. Spell damage scales upward between 50 and 70 skill and the AOE increases to 3 after 85 skill. The total spell damage is divided across the number of targets hit.


6 50-70 Sapphire 1 sec 10 secs 11 tiles 803
Lightning is a direct damage spell with the lightning strike animation. Single Target, Spell damage scales upward.


8 70-90 Sapphire 1 sec 15 secs 9 tiles 804
Thunderstorm is the second AOE spell and functions much like chain lightning. Damage Scales. The AOE is 3 tiles around the target and will scale upward to 4 at 85 skill. Does full damage to each target.


10 80-100 Ruby 1 sec 20 secs 6 tiles 805
Flamestike is the big boom of the spell set and functions similarly to old flame strike. It is single target and damage scales.


12 50-70 Ruby 1 sec 30 secs 12 tiles 806
Conflagration is damage over time applied to a single target. Minimum duration is 6 seconds which scales up to 9 seconds at 70 with a 3-second bonus at 100.
Magic Malaise


14 70-90 Citrine 1 sec 45 secs 8 tiles 807
Magic Malaise is a magical debuff that drops the target's magic resistance to a random value between 50 and 0 (modified downward for skill) for 12 seconds.
Wither Trap


16 70-90 Citrine Instant 45 secs Self 808
Wither Trap drops a trap at the caster's feet which lasts for 3 minutes or until triggered. The triggered spell has a 1-2 tile AOE (based on skill) that lasts for 12 seconds. Wither causes 6 seconds of confusion forcing the mob to loose their target as well as taking some damage. There is a damage bump at 95.
Fire Armor

Fire Armor.jpg

18 80-100 Ruby & Sapphire 1 sec 60 secs Self 809
Fire Armor is a protective spell that raises the caster's AR and causes fire damage to any mob doing melee damage. Damage done and duration of the spell scales upward between 80 and 100.
Magic Reflect

Magic Reflect.jpg

20 90-110 Amethyst & Sapphire 1 sec 75 secs Self 810
Provides a magic shell around the caster that will reflect up to 50% of the damage taken by spells back onto their casters for a period of time.

Role-Play Spells

Not yet implemented

  1. Fireworks File:EvoRP1.jpg
  2. Draw Stone Pentagram Drawpentagram.jpg
  3. Summon Fire elemental EvoRP3.jpg


Skills on Sanctuary use our Grimmwold methods for skill training, including passive gains, 2 min timer activation, no difficulty checks, more than 1300 skill points using a .spec setting, and so on. In addition, you can purchase limited training from NPCs as well as advanced " book skills" both of which are available on Master NPCs. Read More ..

  • Low skill levels can be trained by one of the Master NPCs.
  • The books for crafting book skills can be purchased at the Master NPCs.
  • Cast Flame Surge at a training dummy. You can change the target to a dummy in the .spelloptions window.
  • Grinding gems into dust will gain skill.
About this Manual
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