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From Sanctuary Shard

Devotion is a melee support skill that provides improved tanking and parry abilities.


Devotion skills require a Book of Devotion in the caster's inventory and consume stamina as well as their exclusive resource, Tithing Points (see below.) Their rate of success is determined by the Devotion skill, while the power and duration of their effects is based on the caster's karma -- higher karma is better.

  • Devotion uses stamina and can be used with weapons equipped.


Devotion spells have the concept of cooldowns. The spells have very short cast times, but they have a cool down which stops the player from being able to cast that spell again for a period of time. The spell icons in the client will display as red, and show a countdown to when they can be used again.
Please Note
This skill has not been reviewed for PvP. Portions of this skill may not work in PvP. Ultimately, there will be an overall check of PvP, but that is many months off when more of the skills under development are complete.

Tithing Points

Devotion spells consume Tithing Points, which can only be restored by donating gold to ankhs. These must be functional ankhs at which a player can resurrect.

One gold will provide one Tithing Point, and Devotion spells generally consume 10~20 per cast. A character may hold up to 100,000 Tithing Points at one time -- any further donations will be refunded to the backpack.


Devotion Spells manifest the 10 magic abilities of Paladins. As with Magery, Mysticism, Necromancy, and Spellweaving, a spellbook specific to the discipline must be in the first level of a character's backpack for the applicable spell to be cast. And like all spells, Words of Power are invoked. In this instance, the Paladin's spellbook is the Book of Devotion. They can be purchased from a Master NPC.

Spell Name Stam Cost Min Skill Tithe Cool Down
Sacred Journey
Sanctum Viatas
10 55 15
Devotion 1.jpg When out of combat, caster may teleport using a key or a Marked rune, similarly to Recall. This will eventually be removed or reimagined.
Holy Light
Augus Luminos
10 0 10 20s
Devotion 2.jpg Holy light sets up a beacon that draws monsters in range from 3-6 tiles depending on Devotion skill causing the monster to change targets to the Paladin and move in their direction. When Holy Light is used on a player it will changes the players target to the paladin, as well as cause a spell interruption. Players can reset their target, obviously, but it they don't this will then cause the next attack or spell to be directed at the paladin regardless of distance. Only applies to enemy guild members or your current aggressor list. Shield must be equipped to use.
Cleanse by Fire
Expor Flamus
10 35 10 20s
Devotion 3.jpg Cures a target of poison, and then additionally provides a poison immunity for 3-6 seconds based on the caster's karma.
Consecrate Weapon
Consecrus Arma
10 55 10
Devotion 4.jpg Creates a holy fire effect on the Paladin's weapon that applies a damage-over-time effect on the Paladins combatant if they are below 20% health. The damage and duration is based on Karma. This spell effect can not be used on a poisoned weapon.
Close Wounds
Obsu Vulni
10 60 10
Devotion 5.jpg Restores Hit Points of a valid target within 2 tiles of caster.
Higher karma will increase the damage healed (max. 39 damage.)
Reverse Curse (was Remove Curse)
Extermo Vomica
20 65 30
Devotion 6.jpg Attempt to remove time-based curses from a target. More and higher-leveled curses are less likely to be removed. Higher karma and Devotion improve the chance of removal. See below for list of effects that may be removed. Additionally it does a reversal on any stat reduction by converting the value to positive.
Divine Fury
Divinum Furis
15 75 10
Devotion 7.jpg You bash the target with your shield, stunning them for 6 seconds. A given target can only be stunned once every 30 seconds. Shield must be equipped to use.
Dispel Evil
Dispiro Malas
10 85 10
Devotion 8.jpg Causes monsters to flee from caster. Deals damage to nearby Necromancers in Horrific Beast, Lich, Vampire, or Wraith forms. Chance to dispel summoned creatures that are aggressive towards you and nearby. Higher karma and Chivalry skill vs the and target's Fame and Necromancy, determines the chance of dispelling.
Noble Sacrifice
Dium Prostra
20 90 30
Devotion 9.jpg Attempts Resurrection, Cure, and Greater Heal on all blues within 6 cells of the caster. If any target is successfully healed, the caster's HP, Mana, and Stamina fall to 1. Higher karma improves the heal value. Non-blues are not affected regardless of party or guildmate status.
Enemy of One
Forul Solum
20 100 10
Devotion 10.jpg For the duration, caster deals 50% more melee damage towards a monster and all other monsters of its type (e.g. all ettins), but everything else (e.g. everything but ettins) deals double damage to caster. The currently affected monster type will display orange when targeted. Higher karma extends the duration. It can be recast to cancel it.

Reverse Curse

Effects that can be removed:

  • Magery - Clumsy, Weaken, Feeblemind, Curse, Paralyze
  • Necromancy - Corpse Skin, Evil Omen, Mind Rot, Strangle, Blood Oath (since Publish 53)


Skills on Sanctuary use our Grimmwold methods for skill training, including passive gains, 2 min timer activation, no difficulty checks, more than 1300 skill points using a .spec setting, and so on. In addition, you can purchase limited training from NPCs as well as advanced " book skills" both of which are available on Master NPCs. Read More ..

  • Low skill levels can be trained by one of the Master NPCs.
  • The books for crafting book skills can be purchased at the Master NPCs.
  • Like all training on Sanctuary, you can train Devotion up using any spell, regardless of difficulty.
About this Manual
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