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From Sanctuary Shard

Deception is currently broken due to the disabling of AOS. Any player who has taking this skill should page for a skill swap.

Pending Changes
  • It is our intention to re-write Deception to function as a "stealthier" special ability for those builds with hiding and stealth.
  • Hiding and Stealthy are likely to be combined into one skill rather than two.
  • Ability Brainstorm: Leap to mob and high DPS Deception1.png, Leap to mob and do a hamstring Deception2.jpg, (min 3 tiles, max 8 tiles), Roll back and heal Deception3.png, Roll back and hide Deception4.jpg, Evade Deception5.png.
  • Bonus for attacking when hidden Deception6.jpg.


Skills on Sanctuary use our Grimmwold methods for skill training, including passive gains, 2 min timer activation, no difficulty checks, more than 1300 skill points using a .spec setting, and so on. In addition, you can purchase limited training from NPCs as well as advanced " book skills" both of which are available on Master NPCs. Read More ..

  • Low skill levels can be trained by one of the Master NPCs.
  • The books for crafting book skills can be purchased at the Master NPCs.
Pre-AOS Warning

This skill has been deemed non-functional due to the disabling of AOS on the shard. If you have taken this skill in error, please page in-game for a skill swap. We will not be supporting this skill until it is re-written. Read More ..

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