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Master NPC

From Sanctuary Shard

While many vendors and NPCs in UO train a variety of different skill, and many still do on Sanctuary as well, we have standardized the training to our Master NPCs. There is a complete selection of Master NPC;s on Summer Isle, and their locations have been indicated below. Further, the Master NPCs are likely to sell spell books, ability books and the crafting book skill.

Combat Skills

Master Minstrel
In a bath house at the Eastern edge of Zanzibai.
Trains Discordance, Musicianship, Peacemaking, and Provocation, along with the bard mastery book.
Weapon Master
The Arena, South of the Stables.
Trains Archery, fencing, Focus, Mace Fighting, Parrying, Swordsmanship, Tactics, throwing, and Wrestling.
Master Healer
The Healer's shop, North-East corning of Evervale crafting square.
Trains Healing, Anatomy, Meditation, Resisting Spells, Evaluating Intelligence, Spirit Speak
The Arena, South of the Stables.
Trains Devotion, Precision and Deception and any necessary books
Master Mage
The Shoe (New Player Center), West Evervale.
Trains Magery, Necromancy, and Spellweaving. Includes the necessary Spellbooks.
Spy Master
The lowest level of the Heimatur docks, North across the bridge from Evervale.
Trains Begging, Detecting Hidden, Forensic Evaluation, Hiding, Lock Picking, Snooping, Poisoning and Stealing.
Master Warden
In the Longhall at Cuige Ulster, North West of Evervale.
Trains Animal Lore, Camping, Animal Taming, Tracking and Veterinary.

Resource and Craft Skills

Farm Master
At the farm on the East side of Evervale crafting square.
Trains Farming, Herding, Tailoring, Cooking, Alchemy. Plus all the relevant book skills for these crafts/resources.
Dock Master
By the bridge North from Evervale to the Heimatur Docks.
Trains Fishing, Cartography. Plus all the relevant book skills for these crafts/resources.
Master Woodsman
North from Evervale, past the Hot Springs, in a cabin by the lake.
Trains Artistry, Lumberjacking, Bow Craft aka Fletching, Inscription, Carpentry. Plus all the relevant book skills for these crafts/resources.
Master Metalsmith
In the mines West of Evervale.
Trains Mining, Tinkering, Blacksmithing. Plus all the relevant book skills for these crafts/resources.

Job System

If you need some quick cash, you can take "jobs" from any of the Master NPCs. The idea is that a vendor will pay you for your time as if you were harvesting and selling a resource, but this doesn't require any skill or any hunting.

  • Single-click on any Master NPC and select "Job", or say "vendor job" near one. You will start earning 3 gold every 5 seconds, which amounts to 2160 gold per hour.
  • You MUST stay within 4 tiles of the NPC to keep working. If you move out of range, the work will stop.
  • You can work for a maximum of 90 minutes every 24 hours.
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