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Message of the Day

From Sanctuary Shard

Sanctuary uses a message of the day command (.MOTD) which also functions as our event calendar. Players can create their own events and tag a location allowing guests to join them at the event location. All players are welcome to create and host events; this is not exclusive to seer-run events only.

Using MOTD


When you first log in, the MOTD gump will open automatically. It can also be opened at any time by typing .motd. The main gump will show all events scheduled for the current week; along the top menu are three options: Add New Event, Edit My Events, and Go to An Event.

Update 1 September 2020
Staff now have the ability to edit MOTD events.

Add New Event

This option allows you to create an event, name it, and set its time and location. Remember, all times are EST!

Edit My Events

This option allows you to make changes or corrections to existing events, from a simple typo correction to change the time or location. It looks almost identical to the Add New Event Gump, but simply edits the existing information instead of creating a second event.

Go to An Event

When an event is within 15 minutes of starting, players are given the option to Go to the event, which teleports them to the location set by the event coordinator. This option lasts for an hour after the event's start time, though many longer or more involved quests will have additional MOTD events added so latecomers can join in along the way.

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