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From Sanctuary Shard

There may be times you want to save your in-game journal. A particularly good session of role play you want to save for posterity, an in-game meeting you want to document for posting on the forums or wiki, count how many times you needed to cast a particular spell during a fight for a bet, what have you.

Saving your journal, Is really easy just follow the steps below!

How to Save Your Journal

Screenshot 2020-06-23 08-36-32.png
  1. click options
  2. Go to speech
  3. select save journal

Your done and now can find all those wonderful rp times again :)

Individual Character Journals

You can apply these same settings to each individual character.

Finding your Journal

Your journal can be found here C:/UO folder/Data/Client/JournalLogs This is just an example destination but hopefully it helps.

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