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From Sanctuary Shard

This skill is being rewritten, its currently non-functional.

Pending Design
Mysticism will be the water-based song and aura magic skill that is intended to be paired with the updated barding skills. Mysticism will primarily be over-time area-of-effect spells that require an instrument to be cast. Mysticism will use both evaluate intelligence and spirit speak as the support skills for damage and beneficial spells and will gain a bonus for high musicianship rather than a mana bonus.
The title for Mysticism is Mystic.


Not yet implemented

  1. DOT Mysticism1.jpg
  2. HOT - This is an AOE HOT Mysticism9.jpg
  3. Poison reistMysticism3.jpg
  4. Magic Resist or a Spell Dam Red - Which ever druidry doesn't get Mysticism4.jpg
  5. Swing speed Mysticism5.jpg
  6. Chance to hit Mysticism6.jpg
  7. Stat buff - AOE but in a bigger range, caster center, and low value then druid bless Mysticism7.jpg
  8. Regeneration (maybe stamina specific) buff Mysticism8.jpg
  9. Armor debuff Mysticism2.jpg
  10. Reduce interruptions Mysticism10.jpg

Role-Play Spells

Not yet implemented

  1. (Could we make it rain?) File:Mysticism11.jpg
  2. Draw Arcane Circle Drawpentagram.jpg
  3. Summon Water Elemental Mysticism13.jpg

This skill has been deemed as being of Limited Functionality on Sanctuary and we do not support its use. If you've taken this skill by accident please page in-game for a skill swap. Read More ..

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