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From Sanctuary Shard

Precision is melee support skill that focuses on increasing out going direct damage while allowing you limited ability to parry with a two-handed weapon.

The warrior specializing in precision is an expert in two-handed weapons. Precision provides increased damage dealing as well as the ability to use the parry skill with two handed weapons. Some of the abilities work with bows and one-handed weapons. For specialization with "sword and shield" please consider Devotion. For specialization without a shield please consider Deception or Wrestling.

Please Note
This skill has not been reviewed for PvP. Portions of this skill may not work in PvP. Ultimately, there will be an overall check of PvP, but that is many months off when more of the skills under development are complete.


Precision uses stamina and can be used with weapons equipped.
When using Precision, you may encounter an error where your weapons unequip. Go into Razor -> Options -> Additional Options, and make sure the box next to "Auto Unequip hands before casting" is unchecked.
Precision spells have the concept of cooldowns. The spells have very short cast times, but they have a cool down which stops the player from being able to cast that spell again for a period of time. The spell icons in the client will display as red, and show a countdown to when they can be used again.

Passive Ability

The Champion receives both a passive damage increase and the ability to use their parry skill with two-handed weapons based on their Precision proficiency.

Passive Ability Description
Parrying A character with Precision as well as the Parrying skill will be able to block with a two-handed weapon. Your parry ability with a two-handed weapon is the result of the formula (Parry Skill + Precision Skill) / 2.5 / 400

If you do not have the parry skill at all you will parry as if the parry skill was 50. You can not parry with a bow. You do not gain the AR bonus provided from actually having a shield equipped.

Precision The Precision skill passively grants a damage bonus equal to a 20% damage increase at 100 skill. The damage bonus scales, so at 50 skill you would get a 10% bonus. The damage bonus applies to all weapons; two-handed, one-handed, and bows.

Spell Abilities

Spell Stamina Minimum Skill Duration Weapon Required Area of Effect
Perfection no cost 0.0 until target changes Any Caster
Perfection is activated by using the dot command ".perfection". When Perfection is activated it replaces the passive damage bonus of Precision and applies only to your current target. Once the target dies or you change targets perfection stops and reverts to precision's passive ability. This is ideal for mobs that take many hits to kill.

Each time you hit you gain a small damage bonus. Each time you miss you loose a small damage bonus. The damage bonus is equal to your skill/10, so at 100 skill you gain a 10% damage bonus every time you hit, and lose 10% every time you miss, for a maximum bonus of 100%.

Honorable Execution 5 35 6 to 10 seconds 2 handed Caster
Honorable execution is designed to catch mobs before they run away. When you use the ability you get an immediate attack. If you kill the mob, you get a scaled short swing speed bonus. If you do not kill the mob, your swing speed is reduced for a period of time.
Lightning Strike 10 55.0 Instant Any Caster
Allows a single attack with a Hit Chance Increase based on Precision skill level. Also, some hits under the effect of a Lighting Strike will be deemed Critical Hits and will do extra damage.
Counter Attack 5 65.0 Next successful Parrying within 30 seconds 2 handed Caster
Places you in a defensive stance that allows you to automatically counter attack the next time you successfully parry, without interrupting your normal swing timer. The Counter Attack, functions like a normal weapon attack, it is just a bonus swing and takes normal hit and miss ratios into account, and therefore can miss.
Confidence 10 75.0 4 with an 8 sec cool down any Caster
A scaled heal over time that increases Hit Point Regeneration rate for 4 seconds upon activation and can not be interrupted.
Momentum 10 90.0 Instant 2 handed Caster
Works only on multiple targets. A successful hit on an opponent results in another hit attempt on a different, adjacent opponent. Normal hit and miss ratios apply. A damage bonus of 100% is applied to the second target, if the first target is killed.
Evasion 10 100.0 3 to 6 seconds with a 2 second bonus if your Precision is above 100.0 and both Tactics and Anatomy are 100.0 or better 2 handed Caster
Increases your chance to parry, also grants the ability to parry direct damage attacks from other sources, such as spells and Dragons Breath. Evasion can only be used once every 20 seconds. The chance to block is based on Precision, Anatomy, and Tactics. The duration of Evasion is also influenced by these skills.

You can only cast Evasion with a two-handed weapon equipped. If you are disarmed or swap weapons the ability will cancel.


Evasion, Confidence and Counter Attack place the player into a Stance. You can only be in one stance at a time, and if you put yourself into a stance while still in a difference stance, the previous stance is canceled and the new one takes effect.


Skills on Sanctuary use our Grimmwold methods for skill training, including passive gains, 2 min timer activation, no difficulty checks, more than 1300 skill points using a .spec setting, and so on. In addition, you can purchase limited training from NPCs as well as advanced " book skills" both of which are available on Master NPCs. Read More ..

  • Low skill levels can be trained by one of the Master NPCs.
  • The books for crafting book skills can be purchased at the Master NPCs.
  • Training precision on Sanctuary works like all of the other skills and can be trained by activating the skill or casting any of the spell abilities.
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