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Status as of June 8th, 2019: We have a tentative lore, list of races, map plan and start date. All things going according to play we hope to open August 1st, otherwise September 1st. Design Page Moved to here.


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There are five Kingdoms. The setting of the world is from a time period where kings rise and fall within years. Each kingdom will have a great house which is currently on the throne. There may then be another 1 to 3 Great Houses per kingdom which will be able to play RPCSS, competing for the individual thrones or control of the whole world. Banner houses will be fictional and will not play in RPCSS.

Kingdoms & Capitals

Emlyn.jpg Kingdom of Emlyn (Capital Caerleon)
The Kingdom of Emlyn is like cool water on jagged rocks. The capital, Caerleon, is forged of strength and honor, unyielding stone encircling what many would consider an impregnable fortress. It is both home to legend and valor, those who reside being practical in nature. Residents tend to be Human or Hoggur. Read More ...
Knights, King Arthur, The Virtues, Medieval Britain, Winterfell, Ulster
Miðrvegr.jpg Kingdom of Miðrvegr (Capital Åndalstad)
The kingdom of Miðrvegr where the cold waters of distant shores collide is home to only the strong. The capital city Åndalstad, an intricate blend of stone and wood, was fashioned on the whims of great kings and Queens of old, a testament to their glory. It is home to many Humans and Hoggur. Read More ...
Norse/Viking, Pirates, Iron Islands, Rohan, Ironhall, Cimmerian, Nordheimer
Kraestret.jpg Kingdom of Kraestret (Capital Drökkburg)
The Kingdom of Kraestret, where the dense fog of what may be shadows your every step, is a land that possesses an eerie charm. The capital city Drökkburg is gothic in design, with wrought iron having been blended together with cobble stones to form an imposing city. Eccentric is one word that may be used to describe the privileged inhabitants who seek above all else power. Read More ...
Gothic, Dark Forest, Mirkwood, Vampires, Dark Elves, Hamelin
Raeyithia.jpg Kingdom of Raeyithia (Capital Tarașinău)
The Kingdom of Raeyithia is never ending springtime buffeted by soft warm breezes fragrant with heather and lavender. The capital, Tarașinău, is born of beauty and bravery, a magical fairy tale city, encircled by a hedge wall, home to many of the Aelfeyn, Muiri and lowlander Hoggur. Read More ...
Fairy Tale, Fae, Briar Hollow, Elves, Narnia
Andus.jpg Kingdom of Andus (Capital Al Shadiya)
The Kingdom of Andus cuts through the veil of sand and wind, presenting a civilization refined by the knowledge and wisdom of centuries. The ancient architecture and monumental beauty of the Capital city Al Shadiya, shows all who visit a glimpse of both the sacred past and the treasured future. Read More ...
Arabian Nights, Roman, Egyptian, Gladiators, Desert Tribes, Zanzibar, Quartubi, Dorne

Noble Houses

For maximum political role-play potential players should sort themselves into noble houses in much the same way that Game of Thrones does. There will be between 5 and 10 Great Houses plus numerous banner houses. To keep the game balanced, there will need to be a nearly equal number of Great Houses in each kingdom. This isn't necessarily easy to accomplish as players tend to lump together. We will do our best to balence the natural flow of role-play while keeping it from becoming too lopsided. Leaders of kingdoms and great houses will need to be prepared to build allies within or without of their own kingdoms.

To begin I will be taking submissions from players who want to create or run a noble house. From this list of applications I will pick who will start as the ruling great house for each Kingdom, which houses will be Great Houses and which ones will be banner houses. Read More ...

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