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From Sanctuary Shard

We have a lovely custom description system, accessed via .look; this command both looks at others, and gives you access to edit your own. Just do a .look on yourself, then click "Edit Description" at the bottom. You can use some basic html markup here, such as to add a link to a picture you uploaded elsewhere, or to force line breaks.

Physical Description
Fairly straightforward - what does your character look like. This is the place to put things that are too subtle for the "WYSIWYG" rule, like eye color, tattoos, height, body type, etc.
Picture code is <a href="url to picture">Avatar Link</a>
In-Character Notes
These are the kinds of things an average character would know about your character. Anything in this section is considered fair game for people to RP with.
NEW! Also a good place to add any goals your character has that other players might be able to help facilitate. Such as, dreams of being an estate owner, hearth mother, knight, coven member, to get married, become a pirate, play a bad guy, etc.
Out-of-Character Notes
This is the place for anything you want potential play partners to know about you, the player. It is a fabulous place to note any RP limits you have - such as not interested in sexual content, no graphic violence, etc.
As well as your normal play times in EST, or your Discord nick name.
Stats and Hobbies
These are purely for RP purposes. They have no actual mechanical effect; however, if you have a 6 comeliness, do not expect people to buy that you are incredibly beautiful/handsome, etc.
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