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Weapon Combat

From Sanctuary Shard

Weapon damage calculations apply to swords, mace weapons, fencing weapons and archery. Total weapon damage is capped to allow multiple ways to reach maximum damage while reducing the balance juggling necessary without a cap.

The weapon damage formula adds all bonuses for magical items, anatomy, tactics, and strength to determin "New Base Damage". Then all additional damage bonuses applied to the weapon or warrior based on spells or abilities is calculated. The total damage is capped at "New Base Damage" times 3.

Step 1: ( {random weapon damage} + {exceptional/magic item bonus} )
Step 2: Mutipled by ( tactics bonus + anatomy bonus + strength bonus ) is {New Base Damage}
Step 3: Plus ( All other damage bonuses include critical hit) which equals Final {weapon damage} (CC 6.20)
Step 4: {Weapon damage} is capped at {New Base Damage} * 3
If the player has tactics over 100, the bonus at 100% is applied in step 2, and the rest of the percentage is applied in step 3. This brings the total damage cap down by a bit. (CC 6.20)
Critical Hit
There is a base 10% chance to do a critical hit, this increases 5% for each miss. The percentage resets when a crit hit is applied. The crit hit is a range between 50-75%. (CC 6.20)
Minimum chance
Minimum chance to hit set to 60%. (CC 6.20)
Maximum chance
Maximum chance to hit set to 90%. (CC 6.20)
Swing Speed
There was a 30% swing speed increase done as part of (CC 6.20).
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