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From Sanctuary Shard

Combines Discord, Peacemaking and Provocation.


Intonation (was Discordance) determines which tunes can be used, whereas effectiveness and duration will be scaled by Musicianship. Intonation requires the off-hand weapon slot free. This allows players to fight with a one-handed weapon, but they will lose parry and shield thus making it harder to introduce Devotion and Precision into a build. Arm and disarm will work, but we do intend to implement a delay between use or a stamina cost that will not be circumvented with Razor.

Intonation uses Bard Control Points which work like Taming Slots in that there is a cap on how many mobs can be controlled at any given time. As new mobs are given commands, previous mobs may be pushed off the list. As mobs take damage their points increase and they may be pushed off the list. When a mob is pushed off the list, rather than falling off it naturally due to duration end or death, the mob becomes aggressive towards the bard and can not be controlled again for 38-105 seconds. For more details see below.

The tunes here attack whichever mob is the player's current target. This target can be set either by double-clicking the mob, the mob's health bar, or using the .nexttarget dot command. This allows the skill to be "single click" combat if the single click option is set in the client or a macro is configured.
The spells can be cast using the .cast command using the IDs in the table below.
Bard Control Points Icon
When you open the Intonation book, at the bottom of the first page is the Barding Status icon. Like the spell icons, it can be dragged out of you spell book and placed in your game window. The icon is actually an indicator of how many bard control points you have left. The icon is green when for few or none, and scales up through yellow-green, yellow, orange and red to indicate nearly no more control points.
  • We have implemented equipable instrument art to the off-hand so they can appear on the paper doll.
  • You can equip both a single-hand weapon AND an instrument at the same time.
  • Instruments are effectively "spell channeling" and let you cast magic when equipped.
  • Slayer instruments are in-game as loot.
  • Exceptional instruments, created by bowcrafters, reduce a mob's Bard Control Points.
  • The Book of Intonation is sold by the Master Minstrel
Further Design
Musicianship and Intonation are intended to be paired with Mysticism or Deception. For a complete crowd-control build consider Influxion.

In Testing

This skill is in testing. This skill will remain "in testing" for at least a few weeks (End of August). Do not take this skill if you can not deal with being "tweaked" or "nerfed". Skill swaps are acceptable under those conditions, we are looking for this skill to be tested as primary, secondary, and tertiary skill.


Spell Skill Range Cast Time Cooldown Range Spell ID
Discordant Shout

Discordant shout.png

0-100 .5 sec 8 secs 10 tiles 830
Discordant Shout works on a current single target. Discordant Shout applies a significant debuff to the target's stats and all skills. Duration is Musicianship / 2 = seconds modified by Duration Modifier (below). Skills are lowers by intonation / 5.
Song of Discord

Song of Discord.png

61-100 .5 sec 16 secs 10 tiles 831
Song of Discord is an AOE version of Discordant Shout that applies to an area around the current target. Duration is Musicianship / 4 = seconds modified by Duration Modifier (below). AOE Range is 2-4 tiles from the target based on Intonation.
Shout of Peace

Shout of Peace.png

0-100 .5 sec 8 secs 10 tiles 832
The Shout of Peace applies to a single current target. The Shout of Peace stuns the target causing them to lose their target(s) and stay in place. Duration is Musicianship / 2 = seconds modified by Duration Modifier (below).
Song of Withdrawal

Song of Withdrawl.png

0-100 .5 sec 16 secs 10 tiles 833
The Song of Withdrawal works like the Shout of Peace and stuns the current target as well as a AOE range away from the target. This replaces the old Peacemaking skill which was used by targeting oneself. This implementation allows the player a little more distance from the onrushing horde. Duration is Musicianship / 4 = seconds modified by Duration Modifier (below). AOE Range is 2-4 tiles from the target based on Intonation.
Battle Cry

Battle Cry.png

0-100 .5 sec 8 secs 10 tiles 834
Battle Cry provokes the current target onto a player selected target. The song assumes the current target is the first of a pair to be provoked, and then asks for a second target to be chosen via a target cursor. Duration is Musicianship / 3 = seconds modified by Duration Modifier (below).
War Chant

War Chant.png

81-100 .5 sec 16 secs 10 tiles 835
War Chant works like Battle Cry in that it provokes one mob onto another mob, but the War Chant version automatically selects the mobs to fight. The song will choose lower end mobs over high-end mobs, in the area, so as to afford the bard with the highest chance of success. Duration is Musicianship / 3 = seconds modified by Duration Modifier (below). AOE Range is 5-7 tiles from the target based on Intonation.


81-100 8 sec 30 secs 10 tiles 836
Mesmerize can be used to charm any humanoid creature. The mesmerized mob uses up Bard Control Points from your pool of points. The mesmerized mob will never become enraged from taking damage and will not be bumped from your pool until it expires or dies. The mob will stay mesmerized for a period of time based on your Musicianship to a maximum of 55 minutes and then will "run off" and disappear.

The charmed creature will act like any Pets or Summoned creatures, responding "Very Well" to each one. Upon release, the charmed creature will say, "Sorry, but no." Upon a failure to mesmerize, the message "The Humanoid becomes enraged by your mesmerizing attempt and attacks you." is given.

Mesmerize is effective on meer, savages, ratmen, the named ratman and ettin located in Sanctuary, and any non-paragon or non-named monster that is in the repond group (Titans, Cyclopean Warriors, Ettins, all Orc types, and all Ogre types), not including reptilian humanoids such as Lizardmen. Mesmerized creatures must be removed from the subserver they were charmed on for another of their type to spawn.

Campfire Melody

Campfire Melody.jpg

0-100 .5 sec 30 secs 10 tiles 837
This tune affects all nearby campfires by raising its effective rate equal to Intonation/4, for a max skill of 120 Camping. If the new camping value is over 100 the GM Camping bonus will apply. Campfire Melody lasts as long as the campfire lasts.

How it Works

The effectiveness of Bard skills in Sanctuary prior to this change was very poor. It is our intention that this combination should be as effective as Evocation and Evaluating Intelligence is.

Determine Mob's Bard Value
  • Take the mob's max HP, Mana and Stamina plus 10% of the mob's total skills if the total is over 700.
  • Modify upward by 100 points if the mob is a spell caster, fire-breather, or poison immune. If the mob is a poison user it adds 20 for every level of poison used.
  • Divide the total by 15. If its a paragon it adds 40.
  • This is the Mob's Bard Value, which is capped at 180.
Skill Check
  • There is no skill check against a mob only to determine if you can use the tune or not.
  • Use musicianship skill to determine both effect and duration, not Intonation.
  • Intonation + Musicianship determines total Bard Control Points
Bard Control Points
A pool of points, like tamer slots, that determine how many mobs you can effect. Each time you perform one of the first six tunes on a mob, the mobs Bard Value is detracted from the pool and the mob goes on the list. If you do a second tune on that mob it goes on the list again. The most a mob can go on the list is twice.
  • When a mob takes HP damage his Bard Value goes up equal to the damage he takes. If this pushes beyond the available Bard Control Points the mob will come off the list and all effects on the mob will cease.
  • If a new mob is targeted, and it pushes beyond the available Bard Control Points the oldest mob on the list will come off the list and all effects on that mob will cease.
  • Finally, if a mob is pushed off the list, it can not be intoned again for (105 seconds - (Intonation + Music) /3). If it falls off the list naturally due to the ending of duration it can be intoned again.
Duration Modifier
Modify the duration from above by a factor between 0 and 1 which will lower the duration to as low as 3 seconds or increase the duration by double. The value is based on the Mob's Bard Control Value minus the players musicianship divided by 100. The more difficult the mob is, and the lower your musicianship is, the lower the duration.
Update 1 Sept 2020 The chance for a mob to become enraged due to damage when pacified has been increased a bit. This will be more noticeable when in a group as the more damage done within a time period increases the chance.


Skills on Sanctuary use our Grimmwold methods for skill training, including passive gains, 2 min timer activation, no difficulty checks, more than 1300 skill points using a .spec setting, and so on. In addition, you can purchase limited training from NPCs as well as advanced " book skills" both of which are available on Master NPCs. Read More ..

  • Low skill levels can be trained by one of the Master NPCs.
  • The books for crafting book skills can be purchased at the Master NPCs.
  • Use discordant shout on a dummy to train. This is set by using the .spelloptions dot command and changing your Targeting Strategy.
About this Manual
Sanctuary Shard UO is a custom UO private shard in continual development. It will require both staff and players to keep the information on this wiki updated. If you do not have a wiki account, please submit additions, corrections and updates to the #wiki-updates channel of the Discord Server.
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