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How to Quest

From Sanctuary Shard

What to expect on a seer ran quest and how to maximize your role-play.

I would like to take a moment to announce to the player base that we are assembling a team of seers to “bring life” to the kingdoms, support estate owner plots, and manage any world wide plot lines. It is important that players acknowledge that our seer team all have otherwise busy lives — their goal, and mine, is to provide additionally motivations for players to get into game and role-play. It is our hope that you will maximize on there role-play provided by the events. This means taking the events and continuing the role-play with others.

Some events will be set up by seers but the seer may not be present — instead the event itself or perhaps a clue will be all that is available to progress a storyline (CLUE). Some events may be set up by seers and the seer may be present with some small bits of RP, but we expect the players to provide the bulk of the role-play based on the event as it unfolds (EVENT). Other events will involve full use of NPCs and investigation. (QUEST).

Point person
Only with actual QUEST events will we as seers be trying to interact with everyone — to this end, we will need players to stick together, and we will designate a lead player who will be the point person. If you want to maximize your interaction with the seer ran NPCS you will need to stay with the point person.
Disruptive Role-Play
A quest is not the time or place to engage in disruptive role-play. Seers have limited time and there is only one, maybe two of them, running a quest at a time. While we don't expect players to go along with everything, it is important to recognize that if your character is just going to be difficult or disruptive on a quest, they are going to be ignored by the seer and likely by the other players. And if it goes to far, you may have your character removed from the quest.
Disruptive role-play is explain on our rules page. It doesn't not apply to conflict that errupts due to significant differences in kingdom politics -- those are expected to be part of any possible plot.
Keep the Role-Play Going
Do not ASSUME that another player is going to handle "next steps" -- everyone is encouraged to continue the role-play. Especially do not bring the issue to a king or queen, hand over the information, and then assume they will now deal with it.
  • Put event summaries in the #looking-for-role-play channel -- its fine to post it as a rumor, or something your character posts in a public place.
  • If you have a wiki account, add an update to the news and rumors page.
  • Set up an "after event" MOTD to gather and discuss what happened.
  • Tell the kingdom leaders either via post or at the regularly scheduled court sessions.
Take a moment to ask ..
While players have to recognize that seer run events are likely to have gaps inbetween one event and another, and the plot may only progress as fast as the seer is able to run the next event or episode ... it is equally discouraging to discover that no single player did anything with the plot in between events. If you are unsure of what you can or can not do with something, feel free to DM Lara and ask. She may not know, but she will know if it IS a seer quest, and if so, who to direct you to, or give you some ideas on what you can do with it.
Player Run Quests
The intention of this shard is for the bulk of the world impacting plot lines to involve the conflict between players, their kingdoms, their armies, and their estates scattered about the world. While we are going to add some seer run plots, our goal is to support the player plots NOT distract from them. It might not be obvious to a new player which elements are player run and which are seer run, and to some degree that's the cool part. If you are really confused, again just DM Lara.
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