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From Sanctuary Shard

New player hunting is available on Summer Isle. Regular higher-end hunting is available in Summer Isle dungeons and the Underhill map. Moving armies comprised of champ and mini champ spawns are found on Cuiveinen.

Summer Isle

There is new player hunting all over Summer Isle. Additionally, Summer Isle has half a dozen cave and dungeon entrances which offer high end hunting locations:

  • The ruins in the undead area to the west of Everdale, look for stairs going down.
  • Under the troll bridge south west of Everdale on the way to southern end of the island
  • The cave up on the hill near the hedge maze along the road to the south.


Underhill is a reasonable small map from original Ultima Online with a selection of high end hunting both overland and in dungeons. Underhill is accessible from the cave west of the town of Everdale on the way to the undead ruins.

Cuiveinen, The World Map

It is was not and is not my intention for the world map to be used as "casual day to day RP where people wander it and bump into each other." It is intend to be a back drop for highly intense political role-play events and overwhelming PvM/PvP battles.

The world may may have a few caves and undergrounds which are intended for RP purposes, the hunting dungeons are off Summer Isle and Underhill where they are accessible to all PCs regardless of having the flag/application. There /will/ be PvM but it wont be in the nature of "oh lets go smash ettins in Haverbron today", but rather "A call has gone out that the Earl of Haverbron is under attack by Trolls. we much sally forth!"

To put it in a nutshell the huntable creatures on Cuiveinen are smarter then your average bear, move around the map, and are typically represented by champ and mini champ spawns that can be defeated once before the creatures objective/location changes in some form.

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