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From Sanctuary Shard

Lumberjacking is used to harvest wood and magery reagents.


Use an equipped hatchet on most trees to harvest logs. Convert logs into boards using a sawmill.

Special Resources
May harvest special resources such as; Crystal Shards, Bark Fragment, Luminescent Fungi, Parasitic Plant, Switch, Brilliant Amber, which have no current use.
Fruit Trees
Lumberjacking can be used to harvest apples, pears, peaches, lemons, limes, bananas, oranges and dates from fruit trees. Please note: harvestable fruit trees are not "static" trees like those used to harvest wood, and are instead placed only by GMs. There is a grove of fruit trees SE of Brigh Darcan on Summer Isle in the area markes as Fair Grounds. It can be nearly impossible to distinguish one from the other.

Wildcrafting (Book Skill)

Magical herb harvesting is now a book skill of lumberjacking, called Wildcrafting. Requires using an Herb Basket on forest tiles to harvest Magery reagents. Requires 80 lumberjacking. Both the book and the Herb Basket may be bought from the Master Woodsman NPC.


There are some pending designs that have not yet been implemented. They have been put on the Discussion Page for Lumberjacking


Skills on Sanctuary use our Grimmwold methods for skill training, including passive gains, 2 min timer activation, no difficulty checks, more than 1300 skill points using a .spec setting, and so on. In addition, you can purchase limited training from NPCs as well as advanced " book skills" both of which are available on Master NPCs. Read More ..

  • Low skill levels can be trained by one of the Master NPCs.
  • The books for crafting book skills can be purchased at the Master NPCs.
  • Milling logs into boards trains faster than gains at the tree.
About this Manual
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