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Mob Combat

From Sanctuary Shard

We have tweaked the base damage done by Mobs to players on Sanctuary. Working from a set of pre-AOS systems we have made the combat faster and more challenging, including scaling mobs up to players so as to keep all mobs at least reasonably interesting to fight. Content creep is a constant challenge and we are determined to avoid the long term pitfalls that have befallen other shards.

If the mob is a lower level then the player, the mob will do more melee damage to the player. We compare the highest of the three options (Avg WeapSkill + Tactics) vs (Magery + Eval) vs Poison and take the highest to calculate the damage adjustment for a mob's MELEE attack. The bigger the range between mob and player the higher the damage increase is. (CC 6.20)
If the mob is a lower level then the player, the effectivene of a mob's AR is scaled upward against a higher level player. (CC 6.20)
Minimum Damage
Minimum Mob dam set to 5% of Player HP before AR reduction. (CC 6.20)
Maximum Damage
Maximum Damage for Mobs is set at 75 before AR reduction. (CC 6.20)
Minimum Chance to hit
Minimum chance to hit set to 40%. (CC 6.20)
Minimum Chance to hit
Maximum chance to hit set to 90%. (CC 6.20)
Swing Speed
There was a 30% swing speed increase done as part of (CC 6.20).
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