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Player vs Player (Mechs)

From Sanctuary Shard

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There are two ways in which player vs player conflict is initiated and resolved on Sanctuary; PvP and RPCSS. All PvP on Sanctuary is restricted to Cuiviénen (the mainland). We consider ourselves to be a role-play shard with PvP, we are not a "PvP Shard". PvP is intended to be part of the shard storyline progression. Players are expected to role-play before PvP conflict and followed the documented rules of engagement. For an overview of PvP on Sanctuary please read more ..


The primary player vs player conflict on Sanctuary happens between estates and their NPC armies. Our custom designed system, RPCSS, is a web based solution that allows estates owners to manage and direct armies against other estates.

Estate owners are allowed to request guards and have a guard zone set up, see Estate for more information.

PvP on World Map

  • Killing another player on Cuiveinen, regardless of location, or guild status, will never flag you as murderer, that is disabled on Sanctuary.

One on One

  • Direct attacking of a player on Cuiviénen (the mainland) will work. The UO client will "query criminal actions" for any harmful action between players on the World Map, unless they are in guilds set as ally or enemy. This is a client side restriction and can not be changed. Please consider turning off "query before performing criminal actions" under the reputation system tab of the option window of the client.
  • PvP Rules apply.
  • Looting is Disabled.
  • Items on your body go to your bank.
  • You turn grey (if not otherwise at war with the opponent alliance) for 15 seconds.
  • Criminal action is cleared in 2 mins.
  • Guards (see below) are placed in high traffic populated areas.


The UO client will flag anyone who performs a harmful action on Cuiveinen as grey to their target, and their target only. We can not change this, however being gray does not last very long, and has no further ramifications unless you are in a guard zone, because Sanctuary does not consider this to be a "criminal act".

When you are in a guard zone, you will be flagged as a criminal, and your target has 15 seconds to call the guards. The guards will take a few seconds to arrive, but when they do its an insta-kill. The criminal act will be cleared in 2 mins, and you will be blue again.

Guild War

  • Alliances/Guilds who are at war with each other can PvP.
  • At war players appear in orange/red to each other making it very clear as to the potential outcome of RP conflict.
  • Rules of Engagement apply.
  • Alliance leaders have control over who they flag as "at war".
  • Guildmasters are able to declare who is an enemy on the guild master tab of the guild stone, and the other guild will have to accept.
  • Bodies can be looted of stackables and weapons; gold, bandages, arrows, reagents, etc.
  • Items left on your body go to your bank.
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