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From Sanctuary Shard

We have implemented the ability for players to decorate houses and then sell the house with the decorations inside. It is a feature of the housing sign and is open to any player with the funds to rent the house during the renovations. We have hundreds of houses, and there should be plenty of homes for players to decorate and flip. Further, it is our intention to run monthly decoration contests.


  1. Rent the house and decorate it.
  2. Go to the options tab and Sell house and get a refund.
  3. You will be asked if you wish to sell the house with the decorations. If you click this, you will be allowed to specify a price for the decorations.
  4. Any containers will be emptied and returned to your bank box. Secured containers will be converted to locked down containers.
  5. When someone goes to rent the house, they can either pay the extra for the decorations or return them to you. They keep the decorations if they pay for them.
It is possible that someone will want the house but not your decorations in which case your hard work decorating is lost, this is simply part and parcel of the real estate market.

Basic Tips

  1. Interior Decorator Tools are available for sale from the carpenter. This tool allow you to move items up, down, north, south, east, or west.
  2. In order to remove a deeded item, such as carpets or forges, doubleclick an axe and target the item; this will put its deed back in your pack.
  3. If you wish to move or disown a house, there's no need to manually pack your things. When you disown the house from the House Sign, a bag of Townhouse Belongings will be placed in your bank box, ready to move into your new home!

Where to get Decorations

We have an extended crafting system that allows for many decorations to be crafted from either the skill or its associated book skill.

  • In addition to furniture from Carpentry, Alchemy has bottles and decorative glass items, Artistry has paintings, pottery and baskets, Tailoring has carpets, tapestries, and pillows, Herding has candles and other wax deco, Farming has decorative plants, and Tinkering has a standard selection of its normal UO deco.
  • Paragons and Treasure Maps drop vanity loot decoration.
  • Boura drop hides, Savages drop deer masks, undead drop bones and body parts.
  • Seeds for crops and reagents can be planted in dirt furrows.
  • There are other mob drops of disabled AOS items that can be used as deco.

Things you might want to know

  • We have a thing called a seat dot that lets you convert other items, such as pillows into seating.
  • Bookshelves have a known bug if you put things inside them when in your pack. There is no way to get the things out that I know of except hitting it with an axe. You will destroy the bookshelf but the items in it will then be there.
About this Manual
Sanctuary Shard UO is a custom UO private shard in continual development. It will require both staff and players to keep the information on this wiki updated. If you do not have a wiki account, please submit additions, corrections and updates to the #wiki-updates channel of the Discord Server.
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