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The native people of Sanctuary are have become accustomed to unusual and sweeping changes in the leadership and ruling class of their individual kingdoms as noble houses, both great and small ever via for control of the lands. This fiction is brought to life in the web-based game RPCSS which allows for player teams to complete for control of estates, strongholds, castles and the five capitals. However, each kingdom has its own traditions of leadership, some of which have been in implementation for centuries.
Given the very nature of Sanctuary, new languages and words enter the kingdom daily. Language develops slowly, while slang can develop very quickly. The villagers, in all places except Emlyn have been come use to new words, especially those of the ruling class which are often picked up quickly by the younger generation. In general, however, there are some trends that exist across the realms. Read More ...
This page will serve to explain how both game mech and role-play magic functions on Sanctuary. This is not a game manual page, but rather a lore page, intended to help players understand the basics behind Sanctuary magic. Read More ..
Native People
There is little more than remnants left of this worlds history. War has a way of destroying true accounts and replacing it with the legends told by the victors. Here are some of the thoughts native people argue over vintage wines and local ales. Read More ..
Population & Land Mass
Like most games the actual size of the map is smaller then the fictional size of the map. This page will detail the comparative values of actual map size to fictional map size. Read More ..
Racial Leadership
Unlike the earlier incarnation of Sanctuary, the storyline is based around kingdoms with are multi-racial, rather then the races themselves. While races certainly have cultural traditions as to how they prefer to organize themselves we are not assigning racial leads; to players or staff. The lore on each of the race pages is just that ... lore. Players should not expect to see any reliable presence of the racial leadership in game, but rather focus on the storyline between Noble Houses. The real power lies in the land based armies of the noble houses. If and when a situation requires the formation of an in-game presence for any of the racial leadership it will be addressed then. Read More ..
Due to the very nature of the world's design, religion is a fluid and ever changing landscape. The religious examples presented for each kingdom represents both tradition and the recent past. It should be understood that players can and will have a significant effect on which gods move into preeminence. Read More ..

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