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The .Spec Window

From Sanctuary Shard

Sanctuary uses the .spec setting for skill. This allows you to have 4 non-craft skills to 100, 4 non-craft skills to 80, 4 non-craft skills to 60 and 3 craft skills to 100. New characters will receive 60 points in all spec'd skills.

  • Only skills that are set in the .spec will train over 0.
  • When you use .spec for the first time, skills set in .spec will be set to 60. You have one week to adjust your .spec skills to your liking and start with 60 skill, after which point if you change your skill set newly-added skills will have to be trained from zero.

What if I've made a mistake or want to change categories after the first week?

You can move an already-spec'ed skill between categories at any time without losing skill points. For example, if you want to move Fencing from primary (100 cap) to secondary (80 cap), you can do so without losing any points in Fencing. If your current skill level is higher than the new cap, you will lose the extra points above the cap cutoff.

To change skills around (using Fencing as an example):

  • Open .spec
  • Do not save until the very end of the process
  • Replace Fencing with another skill (temporarily), say Camping.
  • Put Fencing in the slot/category you want it
  • Now replace Camping/the temporary skill with something you actually want.
  • Now you can Save
About this Manual
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