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We are IN TESTING. You are welcome to help test & look around. The shard will be WIPED on July 31st.
All character and character items will be DELETED. We have a soft opening on 8/1, with a go live date of 9/1.

Main Page

From Sanctuary Shard


Role-Play Setting

  • Five races with a broad selection sub-species. Bring in your character from your choice of most medieval fantasy fiction, include ours.
  • A vast world map with five kingdoms, 5 capital cities and (eventually) 2-4 towns per kingdom. This map is the primary "world stage" supporting the role-play of royal courts and the movement of NPC and player armies.
  • A web-based tool that bring the conflict of kingdoms and noble houses directly into the hands of the players. RPCSS is a role-play conquest simulation system where the player leaders of NPC armies can be direct on the world map. See your armies in game, fight other players, win control of towns and kingdoms.
  • A starter island that includes new player hunting plus shop & home rentals. Summer Isle will be the primary "random encounter role-play" location.

Origin Myth

At some point in the last 10 years you left your previous life behind. All that you had accomplished, all that you had struggled for, and all that you had lost was understood to only be the beginning of what this journey has forged you for. You are a hero no matter how small or mild you may feel, inside you exists an ancient seed to make changes at the mythic level.

On your journey from your past lives, to this new world, you come to understand that this is the last struggle, the last battle, the mythic age which forms all realities. Here, you will be swept along by the ravages of war and the struggle to make your ideals count. This is no simple story of hearth and home but rather of courage and conviction. In this new world you will take up a banner and lead armed forces in defense of your lands, try your wits at the Royal courts, and gain power to make change.


Two great dragons, one of iron and ice, one of amber and gold, encircle this birth place of beginnings. High in the sky soars Ancalagon the Black, his movements chase back the sun and hold power over the moon and tides. While deep in the earth roils Jormungandr the world serpent, the fluid mass of the land a cauldron of earth and fire. Over and over they summon gods and heroes to via for supremacy. Our heroes are set within the land, to lead noble houses in honor of their chosen gods. Only those gods who are set in effigy upon the Arcanum Crystals that lie within the kingdom capitals will aquire enough influence to effect other realities.


Game Mechanics

  • Mondain's Legacy server running Serv-UO with custom scripts.
  • Two custom facets: Smaller starter facet to facilitate new players and role-play interaction. Large map for exploration, hunting, and world events.
  • AOS Disabled
  • Custom Clothing
  • Custom Craftables
  • Custom MOBs
  • Grimmwold's Crafting

From Mith and Lara

More then 15 years have come and gone

A few weeks ago Mith and I were asked if we were ever going to put Sanctuary back up.  We promised to take a look at things and see what our options were.  Unfortunately, the old scripts and art would take far to much work to recover with no assurance that they would actually run.  So the answer was no.

However, the conversations with staff and admins continued and we started coming up with the idea of a new server that would combine the high fantasy elements of Sanctuary with the recently developed RPCSS system Mith wrote for Second Life.  Those conversations became more and more interesting, as we realized that we could integrate RPCSS with UO in ways not at all possible in Second Life.

RPCSS stands for Role-Play Conquest Simulation System and it is a web-based tool that allows players to build armies, claim territory, fight wars, manage gold, and direct NPCs.  The rules of RPCSS are very similar to Game of Thrones: The Board Game, but it is online and allows many teams of players.  Using RPCSS player teams can compete for control of areas on the map.  

In Second Life, this created a fascinating backdrop for a political conflct storyline completely created by the players.  In Ultima Online, which has the ability to spawn monsters and NPCs, the idea can move to a whole new level. 

We are proud to announce a whole new way of role playing Ultima Online.  No longer will conflict be restricted to player to player conflict or inconsistent seer run stories -- RPCSS allows player teams to actually move armies across the world map, fight other player and NPC armies, and claim regions, towns, and resources.  

And more then just a conquest simulation system, the combination of RPCSS with an online role-play community means that all the fascination of political, martial and economic conflict role-play becomes available.  If you loved Game of Thrones, and wished you could have written the last season yourself -- this is your chance to play out a storyline that is created by the players, never scripted.

We invite you to take a look at the teaser video that we created for Second Life last year. Read More ...

About RP Conflict

This version of Sanctuary is intended to be a high conflict setting. Players who do not want to participate in political conflict role-play may choose to be residents of Summer Isle and not declare a kingdom (or team) allegiance. A few warnings and restrictions:

  • If you purchase a house on the main land you will be unable to remain neutral.
  • Players who participate in the political conflict are expected to have the experience and maturity to maintain appropriate IC/OOC boundries.
  • A player can only LEAD one RPCSS team, however they can have 4 other characters who are members of other teams. Consequently, players are STRONGLY encouraged to keep ALL political discussions IN-GAME.
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