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Sanctuary has been a private Ultima Online role-play community since 2002. Our sequels, Comraich and Grimmwold, ran continually until 2015. Originally, a low PvP community for adults-only role-play, we have returned with our same development and admin team, a new map, new mechanics, a new game and all new options for PvP-Rpers, casual RPers and PG zones. Our maps (and facets) are designed to offer options to all role-play styles.

We would like to invite you to browse the wiki, join us in Discord and/or hop right in-game and take a look around. We are setup for auto account creation. We do have an application, but it is only required for those players who want a shape change or who intend to participate in the player-ran shard storyline.


We do not believe we could offer a more open-ended world for you to tell your story in. Sanctuary has five race types that include room for almost any race from any medieval fantasy world, and then some. Have a favorite character from ten years ago whose world is no longer... bring them here or welcome a new character into existence.

We have five beautiful kingdoms with completely different ethics and goals. Join a guild, defend a kingdom, relax while crafting on Summer Isle, or battle the forgotten in Underhill. The only limit is your imagination... and, well, UO's best graphics!


RPCSS is a web-based game tool that simulates the land-based war between kingdoms and other noble houses. RPCSS stands for Role-Play Conquest Simulation System and can be played by the leaders of Sanctuary's guilds to move in-world champ spawn armies, manage a treasury, go to war, make allies and spy on their enemies. This is the current beta version of RPCSS, and is the first version to be integrated into Ultima Online. The alpha edition was play tested on Second Life for six months, and introduced some of the most dynamic and intense conflict role-play Mith and I have ever had the fortune of participating in.

RPCSS allows a completely player-run storyline to be implemented fairly and efficiently without the need for seers, and without the fear of favoritism or cheating. In short, world domination can happen using RPCSS. It will take strategy and the ability to build allies via role-play. But the bar has truly been raised. Read More ..


We are a pre-AOS shard with most of the newest UO mechanics, and our renowned Grimmwold crafting and skill system.

We are in the process of converting Serv UO to running entirely in a pre-AOS mode. Some of the most skilled scriptors from Sanctuary and Requiem have joined the team to create what can only be called UO Rennaissance 2019. It will take us a long time to complete what we have set our eye on, but we are looking forward to a classic UO game world with such skills as Chivalry, Necromancy, Ninjitsu, Spellweaving and Bushido.

Our Grimmwold crafting system was one of the most complete crafting systems in the UO private shard community, and with a little elbow grease we are working to bring our client up to date so that we can offer the high seas expansion and the classic client. This will bring us new craftables, ship combat, mysticism and masteries.


The Sanctuary community has been together since 2002 under the same owners and almost the same admin team since inception. We have changed our shard fiction at various times in the last nearly two decades. We were Comraich for a few years, and Grimmwold for many many years. We are a friendly, easy-going group who just keeps getting more mellow as the years come and go, and our children get older and older. We do not appreciate OOC drama and expect real world good manners in our community.

"This is our living room, and you are invited. We will seek to be wonderful hosts and you to be lovely guests."

This was the very basis of our community from the beginning and continues today as the foundational guideline that we expect everyone to function under. All of our rules, stated or unstated, are based on this core belief which was summed up so neatly by Wil Wheaton.


The integration of RPCSS with a Pre-AOS Shard creates a tantalizing opportunity for role-play PvP. Too long have UO role-play shards with limited populations been able unable to stage or sustain engaging conflict-driven plot lines that progress beyond the next skirmish. RPCSS provides real meat to UO guilds with NPC armies supported by both PvP and non-PvP role-players. Help defend your army from enemy players, take over land and cities, earn taxes from the NPC population, stand your ground against invaders and plot world conquest.

Our PvP rules and features are designed to drive role-play PvP directly towards storyline conflict and away from random bad guys. This focus will set up scenarios thick with intrigue, character depth, political maneuvering and martial skill.

Sanctuary offers a full felluca play set on the RPCSS world map while keeping Summer Isle and Underhill a place of peace and prosperity for crafters and casual gamers.

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