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News and Rumors

From Sanctuary Shard

News and Rumors are posted on a weekly basis by Alliance and Estate Leaders on the wiki. Other rumors generated from actions done in RPCSS is added to the in-game town crier and sent via the in-game postal system. Upcoming events can be found on the Message of the Day (.motd) in game. Further there is a #looking-for-role-play channel in our Discord Server. We encourage you to use the information provide in your role-play as this information is readily accessible to any one.

August 2022

Sunday, Aug 28, 2022

With the threat of war gone for now, life has become calm and mundane. Fields are tended, families grow and expand, and life goes on largely unbothered. But, whispers ripple through the marketplace occasionally of mysterious shadows creeping across the continent. Though no alarm has been raised by the majority, the elder natives of Cuiviénen seem to speak in hushed tones of a shift in the breezes. For now, the harvest season approaches and many make preparations for the first reaping.

January 2022


A celebration was held in the Tarasinau hearth home to celebrate the coming year, and the hopes that come with it. At the conclusion of the festivities, to symbolize the new changes, Lady Rendethryn Stormsong was crowned Queen of Raeyithia.

September 2021


Word comes from the capital city of Tarasinau that Lady Rendethryn Stormsong of Carigsay arrived with assistance for the city in their time of need. With the food, supplies and labor provided, Tarasinau, and the kingdom of Raeyithia as a whole, is being revitalized to its former splendor. There are further rumors that Lady Rendethryn may stay permanently in the city, but this has not been verified.

August 2021

Week Four


Upon the walls of Caerleon flies the banner of Emlyn's new royal couple, King Eli and Queen Melinda Dahmut. The last few months have kept the royal couple busy following a rocky start to their reign. Despite this, the monarchs have kept busy tending to their people and their duties to the kingdom and its safety. Most recently, the border estates that had been lost in the war with The Great Northern Army have been reclaimed and stabilized. The victory has seen a wave of relief over the citizens of Caerleon and has proven to be catalyst in the kingdom's recent bloom.

Week Three


Long-time resident and businesswoman Sahja Khouri was named Mayor of Drokkburg last week in a surprising announcement. Claims of leadership across the kingdoms are neither uncommon or unexpected, however this is likely the first declaration as mayor of a capital city. And while having no authority to dispatch armies in case of attack, Miss Khouri is dedicated to the safety of the city as much as her capacity allows. "Drokkburg was the first place I felt truly home in - her people helped me feel part of their fold. I love this city and this kingdom. I felt it was time for me to give back and help," the mayor said. However, one can only wonder what has become of the king.

When questioned about King Julian's thoughts on the matter of the new appointment, Miss Khouri stated she had his full backing. Attempts were to reach out to King Julian for comment were unsuccessful. Curious eyes are now watching the new mayor and waiting to see what comes of her efforts in the coming months.

May 2021

Week One


Rumors of a new young couple has entered the Kingdom of Emlyn, arriving at Port Leon. Upon their arrival guards were no where to be found and a orc camp had an adventurer hostage inside the city gates. Together, the adventurer was freed and the guards were sought out and new agreements were reached to provide protection to the city with all accounts in arrears were settled. Additionally, there are more rumors that someone has begun to attune to the hearth stone and working to regain proper balance so the kingdom would thrive once more. Supposedly these new people of some noble background have been accepted and now they are looking to fill several estate and household roles.


In the month of November and December we ran a winter quest. The news and rumors of the quest are recorded here.

Thursday, Dec 10, 2020

Now that the spell has been lifted our heroes begin to return to their homes on the Mainland. The Red Robes have fled, and few can be seen any more in Evervale. Fights have broken out all over as any number of people enact revenge on any red robes they can find. There are plans for the estate owners to call a gathering on Monday Night to discuss the state of the world and what needs to be done. Some ask, was this the doing of Abraxes? Or just a very complex plot managed by a few fanatics. Yet the Grey Rider and Brother Thomas have not yet been found -- our heroes await any news that will give them hope to bring this red robe to justice and hopefully find the Grey Rider alive.

Tuesday, Dec 8, 2020

Rumors that the child-eater had escaped Underhill and had taken refuge in the Dark Forest of Summer Isle quickly spread through the people of Evervale. Before long, a group of brave men and women set out to apprehend the fugitive once and for all. The Dark Forest is no safe place and the group was beset by goblins and other denizens of the region, however, the drive and determination of the group never waned.

No trail of the wicked fey was given, only the region, and the group trekked deeper into the woods until they reached The Dark Tower. Expecting to find clues or remnants of the child-eater's presence, they encountered a far more sobering sight: a mage circle carefully crafted upon the floor of the tower and a dozen red robed figures focused and chanting around it.

At first, shock and fear gripped the heroes, for magic is punishable by death, though both of these emotions made way for quick anger. Seizing two of the mages, the heroes managed to interrupt the mages just before the spell was cast and in that moment, the rest of the red robed mages magically transported themselves away. Demanding answers to panicked questions, the mages that remained revealed the illusion spell created by none other than Brother Thomas to make the entirety of Summer Isle believe The Brotherhood was in control. The mages themselves were held by threats to perform the spell each night to keep the isle complacent. Now that the spell was broken and the circle destroyed by the heroes, the men and women of Summer Isle would soon regain all their memories.

Even as the heroes regained their memories in anguish, recalling those missing and the crimes committed by others, one glaring fact remained: The Grey Rider, Summer Isle's guardian, had been captured. One party member, Corbin Merser, a true believer, was brought under scrutiny for his involvement and belief in the extremist cult, The Brotherhood, and placed under arrest and jailed. His fate is not yet determined.

The remaining heroes set off to every corner of Cuiviénen to bring news of Summer Isle. As for the people of Summer Isle, their true memories return to them... with, perhaps, a newer set of problems altogether.

Friday, Nov 20,2020

Late in the afternoon, word was received from scouts that they had finally located the fugitive known as Ariana, the child-eater, and by the early evening, a woman in red stood upon the platform of the town square and bellowed the news. The busy din of the square hushed for a moment as the woman spoke further, calling for the seekers of justice and what is right to join her in bringing the fugitive back. Though not many volunteered, likely out of fear of the tainted magic possesses by the fey, those that rallied with the woman set off quickly towards the cave to Underhill.

The trek was long and winding, with numerous stops to search the area and check their bearings. Finally, they reached their destination: a cave with dark, decorated arches. The team entered carefully but to their surprise were met immediately with hostile dark fey! The battle ensued and the group pressed on, searching for their quarry. Each corridor held a new skirmish, and cries of the dark fey echoed down the halls and alerting others to arms.

Before long, shadows bounced from the walls and a child-like giggle could be heard amidst the clangs of metal and shouts, leading the party deeper and deeper and facing stronger foes. The woman in red leading the party fell before they could reach their quarry, a blast of dark magic taking her life. It was soon after this that the Queen of the Winter Court emerged.

With a demanding tone, she questioned the group and their reason to invade her home and attack her people. Corbin stepped forward to answer the queen, stating they came to retrieve the child-eater. When told they would not, he stressed that the Good Brother's reach was far and that it included all of Underhill. The enigmatic queen merely laughed and made it clear that Ariana was protected by the court and that no one else had dominion over her land.

The heroes left empty-handed, leaving the people of Evervale, once again, at the mercy of Ariana the Child-Eater.

Tuesday, Nov 17,2020

At the Red Festival, only one voice spoke out against a deafening wall of compliance: that of the well-known bard and clown, Myrddin Emyrs. Ever quick to silence those who would defy their cause, the Brotherhood had quickly arrested him and taken him into custody.

He was brought to trial and charged with the crimes of sedition, harboring criminals, and speaking falsehoods about the King. Amidst the poorly-timed jokes, attempts to juggle and sarcastic jabs the defendant made at the prosecution, Myrddin managed to claim, as his defense, ignorance of the laws of the land. When countered that ignorance was no defense, the clown managed to find snippets of clarity and spoke of Justice, of defending those without voice, and of failing in his effort to rouse the crowd to his side.

However, this was not enough to sway the perceptions of the prosecution. When Queen Caitria asked those of the public that gathered if any would speak for the man on trial, only one stood; the sheep known as Noemi. She claimed that confusion was likely the cause of the clown's poor judgements and that he had meant no harm. Myrddin quickly reassured her, and the court, that confusion was not the case.

Myrddin Emyrs was found guilty on all three counts charged and released into the custody of the Brotherhood. A red robed Brother escorted him quickly from the court, leaving the attendees solemn and quiet.

Sunday, Nov 15, 2020

*The population of Evervale seem to move in a wave of propoganda -- Traveler's have forgotten their time on Sanctuary prior to their arrival -- and Native memories also seem to have revert nearly 200 years to a time when the Thorn King was the religion of Cuivenen from Raeyithia and north. Only Andus has keep their memories of Acrab, but all other gods are lost to memory.

The lingering effects of the tranquility spell are beginning to fade, heads are clearing, but memories are gone. New travelers, which nearly all are again at this point, realize they have landed in a world where humans and the Thorn King are the dominant power -- magic is only allowed by the priests and non-humans are second class citizens who need to be very very careful

It is not surprising to find posts near the entrance to Underhill which include bounties on the heads of muiri and hoggur.

(This is the big event that starts our Winter Story Arc ... The people of Summer Isle seem to have lost all that they have gained in the last 70 years ... religious freedom is threatened and a human-first doctrine has been once again adopted. What will you do? Are you Muiri -- will you glamour and hide? Are you hoggur -- will you retreat to Underhill? Are you Aelfeyn -- will you try and pass as human? Or will a revolution build in secret - who can you trust?)

As dawn broke, waves of excitement radiated from the many residents of Evervale: the day of the Red Festival had arrived! Throughout the village, people hurried about, making last minute preparations and ensuring that all was in proper order. The festive atmosphere only grew as the day progressed, with food aplenty and robes of rich crimson handed out to the townsfolk.

By midafternoon, the festivities reached a crescendo at the arena, where Brother Thomas addressed those gathered. He gave thanks to the Good Brother, the one true god who looked over all who dwelled upon the island, and offered a prayer for his protection. But the festivities took a dark turn as a pixie was led from the nearby guardhouse in chains. Her crime, Brother Thomas explained to the onlookers, was the brutal and unprovoked attack against members of the brotherhood. While most largely accepted the explanation, one voice rang out in defiance of the order, that of the clown Myrddin, who stood between Brother Thomas and the captive. While he protested loudly, and repeatedly, the crowd remained unmoved, and red-robed guards stepped forward to bind him in chains, removing him from the archery pitch. Without further delay, Brother Thomas released the arrow from his bow, striking down the bound pixie for her crimes, but this was only the beginning.

A second captive was also brought forward, a centaur, bound similarly and charged with the worship of false gods. Clearly eager to avoid further protests from Myrddin, Brother Thomas felled the creature with a single arrow between the eyes. But he saved perhaps the worst transgressor for last, for no sooner had the centaur been slain than a third individual was brought forth: the child-eater Ariana, who had plagued Evervale for months. Though clearly troubled by her own childlike appearance, the crowd agreed that the law must be upheld, and Queen Caitria sentenced the creature to death. As Brother Thomas loosed his third arrow, something unexpected occurred, and before the arrow could hit its mark, the child-eater vanished, leaving behind a pile of sticks in her place. The Brotherhood scattered throughout the city, searching for the fugitive, while Myrrdin was taken away to await trial.

Later that eve, a murderous swarm of pixies descended upon the city to enact vengeance against their fallen sister, but they were hastily subdued by the faithful. Let this be a lesson to all who would foresake the true word of the Good Brother! Treachery shall be met swiftly, and retribution shall be absolute! For the Brotherhood!

Friday, Nov 13, 2020

Our heroes trapped on Summer Isle have been dazed and confused by what likely amounts to a very powerful spell cast by a full circle of practitioners - at the very least. At the minute after midnight this morning -- insult would be added to injury and a powerful mind wipe would descend upon the populous. Yet mind wipes are tricky spells, for the natural mind is complex -- this spell has been carefully crafted ....

(The spell will effect the last 200 years of memories of this world - but no other. Travelers will loose all memories back to the time of their arrival on this world. They will keep all prior memories, as well as any muscle memories or deep emotional memories and connects. So while you may not remember your new friends you've made since arriving you will feel the emotions of that friendship.

For natives, especially old ones, the spell is trickier -- all natives should report to Lara for personal instructions.

If you are unwilling to play with memory loss and have a valid reason why it would not affect your character, please DM Lara.)

Thursday, Nov 12, 2020

For those on the main land with missing friends, the story continues ... or rather no story continues. There is no information and no one has returned. Many attempts have been made to get onto the island and return information or contact those already believed to be there. The only item of note is that the mines of Andus have been collapsed, and no one has yet opened them up. Those of Andus are waiting to hear from Mithrandes on the topic.

For those on Summer Island, everything seems peaceful and they are anticipating a festival on Sunday. See the update for Wednesday evening below.

(OOC Info: The "effect" begins nearly immediately when someone sets foot upon Summer Isle. There are one or two pockets where the effect is slower -- contact Lara for details if you are attempting something. By 5 mins the effect is strong, by 30 mins the effect is nearly complete. Characters will feel lethargic, disoriented, generally unconcerned about issues, and open to suggestion -- otherwise they busy themselves working or watching the clouds go by.)

Wednesday, Nov 11, 2020

Those in Evervale pass the word that there is to be news of a Festival for Sunday announced this evening. The Red Festival has been greatly anticipated by those who are busily working in and around Evervale. More and more men and women in red have been seen -- it must be the new fashion! The crowds begin to gather early to socialize -- most not having much else to do.

(Status so far: If your character has gone to Evervale at any point since Monday -- they have forgotten their reason to leave and should still be on Evervale. This effect takes place quickly. The effect is similar to a mind-altering tranquilizer where people are open to exceptions and recent memories seems fuzzy. You are not obligated to have your character "go along" with the crowd, BUT, you should be prepared for the consequences. If you have questions, DM Lara. Additional roleplay updates from our players can be found in the #looking-for-role-play channel of our discord server.)

As evening fell last night, the townspeople of Evervale gathered at the town square, with palpable excitement in the air. At the appointed hour, a pair of red-robed individuals stepped upon the central dais, catching the attention of all gathered.

They spoke of the famine that had swept the land, as well as the plague, drawing sympathetic murmurs from the crowd. But the broad smiles returned as their speech turned to giving thanks to He who had led them safely through such hardships. In order to give proper thanks, a festival was to be held in the coming days - a Red Festival, to celebrate and give sacrifice.

Hands shot up and calls rang out as the people gathered quickly volunteered for the many tasks ahead, and the robed figures concluded the gathering with a prayer before the crowds dispersed, eager to make ready for the promised Festival.

Tuesday, Nov 10, 2020

As "no news" progresses into the second day, people at home become more worried. Search parties, primarily comprised of those who can magically travel, are sent to Evervale to search for the lost town folk and known heroes. When these scouts fail to return at all, the news is pushed up to the lords and rulers. A call goes out for a gathering of land based lords at the Fair Ground this evening.

(If you have gone Summer Isle/Evervale -- you will not be returning. A sense of over riding introspection and lazy regard infuse you. If this is your second day, you are no longer wondering what you forgot to do, but rather are becoming interested in the upcoming festival for Sunday everyone is speaking about.)

Late night urgency will spread in the cities of Caerleon and Andalstad as neither queen returned from the meetings at the fair grounds. Some report that they saw the Emlyn queen with two guards -- but no one can confirm that. Another dock hand reported seeing Queen Brea near the rune library in Andalstad. By the wee hours, the estates of Novochebay and Carigsay send word that their lords have not returned either.

Monday, Nov 9, 2020

The travel time from Summer Isle to Cuiveinen can be made relatively quickly, especially if one has access to magical travel. Concern has swept throughout most of the larger cities and towns, as friends and family have not returned home to the mainland. Its only a few people talking in the street as the late fall sun dips below the horizon, but as full dark approaches -- true worry is discussed in local watering holes. No one has returned from Summer Isle -- ALL day.

(Any who travel to Summer Isle forget why they needed to return to the main land of Cuiveinen -- all sense of urgency to leave the island quickly diminishes. Hunting trips to Underhill seem reasonable, but no player should "return" to the main land ICly once they've gone to Summer Isle. Expect new updates every day)

OOC Intro to Story Arc

We are in the process of developing a Winter Story Arc!

It will involve a whirlwind of fun plot developments that will allow everyone a chance to explore new aspects of their characters; time travel, mind wipes, evil magicians, oh my! The plot line will need nearly everyone to agree to play an Andal character, or by as of yet undefined means convert to the worship of the Thorn King. We are taking a page from the recent TV shows; Carnival Row & Cursed for our ideas.

  1. Introduction posts will begin right away.
  2. A newsletter regarding the Winter Story Arc goes out on Friday.
  3. All players of NATIVE characters MUST DM me to get special information.
  4. All players are STRONGLY requested to reach out and sign up to play on the Andal side of the storyline. You are welcome to DM me and pick my brain.
Read More

I've got a seer team ready to go! I need players willing to commit and play. Our plans are to have seer support during a US afternoon noonish, US Evening 8 pm-ish, and US Weekend 2pm ish. REACH out by DMing @Lara now!!


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