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From Sanctuary Shard

Druidry, which replaces Spellweaving, has been released for player testing. Druidry is the primary healing and buff skill of the new magic skills.


Druidry could as easily be considered the path of the Green Witch or the blessings of a healing Cleric. It is primarily a healing and beneficial magic skill that is intended to be paired with Spirit Speak for effectiveness. The skill is designed to be effective as both a tertiary and secondary skill, as well as a primary skill. The title for Druidry is Druid.

Please Note
This skill has not been reviewed for PvP. Portions of this skill may not work in PvP. Ultimately, there will be an overall check of PvP, but that is many months off when more of the skills under development are complete.

In Testing

This skill is in player testing on production. Do not test if you can't deal with it having problems that require fixing. Try it on a non-primary character.

This skill will remain "in testing" until ALL of the other magic skills are rewritten and then it will be adjusted relevant to those skills. Do not take this skill if you can not deal with being "tweaked" or "nerfed".

Additionally, remember this skill, and all other magic skills, are replacing Magery and Necromancy, as well as Mysticism.


This skill replaces the skill Spellweaving which should be transparent to players using the new client, but not perhaps to those still using the OSI client. Please note this skill is effectively unusable with the OSI client.

Purchase a full Tome of Druid Knowledge from the Master Mage. Druidry uses reagents from Wildcrafting that need to be blessed at an Ankh.

Set your target to training dummy in the .spelloptions dot command and go practice Embracing Earth for skill gain.

Spell effect 
.. is scaled upwards based on Spirit Speak and Mana.
Based on the spells skill range the effectiveness of a spell will scale. If the range is 0 to 100, it will scale upwards starting at 0 skill and reaching maximum effectiveness at 100 skill. If the range is 50 to 70, the spell is not castable until 50 skill, and the effectiveness will skill up to maximum damage at 70 skill.
Some spells will gain a boost above and beyond the specified skill range.
Beneficial targeting has been upgraded to allow the player to set, via macro or .spelloptions, their default target for beneficial spells; self, partner, or cursor. Druid spells will automatically target based on this setting, and you will be able to change the target via macro (keys or buttons). This system does not change how the .bandage command works, nor does it affect skills like Spirit Speak which are auto-self-targetting.
In addition, Auto-heal spell can be used on training dummies as well to allow the player to train on them in the same way that melee can. This is changed by using the .spelloptions dot command and checking the box for training dummy targeting.
The spells can be cast using the .cast command. Druidry spell IDs are shown in the table below.
Spells do not fizzle, instead they always cast if the player's skill level is equal to or higher then the minimum skill range for the spell but they cast at reduced effectiveness.
Druidry will consume Wildcrafting reagents which will need to be brought to an Ankh and blessed before they can be used. Like tithing, single click the ankh then choose Bless Reagents and target the stack of reagents you wish to bless.
Druidry spells have the concept of cooldowns. The spells have very short cast times, but they have a cool down which stops the player from being able to cast that spell again for a period of time. The spell icons in the client will display as red, and show a countdown to when they can be used again.
Auto attack spell
Embracing Earth is the Druidry auto-heal spell. These spells, once cast, will continue to fire off every few seconds at your target. Reagents are only consumed when you activate them, but mana is taken every time the spell fires off. The spell icon for the spell will change to green when active. If you want to stop the auto-heal, cast Embracing Earth again. This is the only spell that can be used on training dummies to train your Druidry up.


Spell Mana Skill Range Reagents Cast Time Cooldown Range Spell ID
Embracing Earth


2 0-100 Woundwort Auto Cast 18 Tiles 601
This single-target heal is a small continual-cast spell that will remain on the target it is cast upon until it is stopped. It does not automatically change target. The spell can be stopped by activating it again. The spell is not specifically a heal-over-time because it is continually cast and takes mana each time, but because it is auto-cast it functions as a heal-over-time. Spirit Speak increases heal amount.

Animation: green sparkle animation - the small one

Restore Spirit


4 50-70 Bee's Lace .5 sec 5 secs 14 tiles 602
This medium-sized single target heal is the backbone of the Druid heal spells. Quick to cast, low mana and with a short cooldown, this spell can be used regularly to keep a party healed when used in conjunction with a player's own healing. Spirit Speak increases heal amount.

Animation: Look at the Inspire animation is.

Wild Remedy


6 50-70 Blackthorn Berries 1 sec 10 secs 11 tiles 603
This area-of-effect removal spell will cure poison, stop bleeds and remove curses. A single point solution, this spell has a narrow AOE that increases as the caster's skill in druidry increases -- an ideal solution for keeping a close party of melee characters from having to run off and cure. Range: 1 tile at 50-70, 2 tiles at 71-90, 3 tiles at 91-100 based on druidry.

Animation: Mushrooms on the ground

Soothing Vale


8 70-90 Mugwort 1 sec 15 secs 9 tiles 604
This area-of-effect heal is about as powerful per person as the quicker casting heal but it has an ever-increasing range that improves based on the caster's Druidry. Range: 2 tiles at 70-90, 3 tiles at 91-99, and 4 tiles at 100 based on druidry. Spirit Speak increases the heal amount.

Animation: A flower on the ground

Life Bloom


10 80-100 Mandragona, Woundwort 1 sec 20 secs 6 tiles 605
This large heal comes with a heal-over-time that makes it an incredibly useful heal spell for large encounters. The mana cost is reasonable but the 20-second cooldown will force the caster to choose carefully when they use it. Spirit Speak increases heal amount. Druidry skill determines the length of the HOT.

Animation: energy gate in green sent once with a green sparkle for OT

Glade's Grace


12 50-70 Blood Moss 1 sec 30 secs 12 tiles 606
This basic AOE blessing spell will raise the Str, Dex, and Int of a group of players. Druidry determines the AOE range, while Spirit Speak determines the amount of buff given.

Animation: A flower on the ground

Holy Shield


14 70-90 Mugwort, Blood Moss 1 sec 45 secs 8 tiles 607
Holy Shield, like that of the UO Magery arch protection spell, is an area-of-effect spell that raises the target's effective armor. Higher levels of Druidry will effect the range and Spirit Speak will affect the buff.

Animation: Find something that pulses and then wears off, and see if you can add this to the buff bar.

Leyline Resonance


16 70-90 Belladonna, Mandragona 1 sec 45 secs 8 tiles 608
This spell will either raise Magic Resist or reduce spell damage. The Mysticism spell will do the other one.
Sacred Grove


18 80-100 Bee's Lace, Belladonna Instant 60 secs Self 609
This spell will place a circle of runestones around a 4 tile space. The circle is always placed at the caster's location and will provide the following benefits to any player moving into this circle. It will cure them of bleeds, poisons, and curses. It will heal them to 30% of their hit points and immediately activate their regeneration as long as no mobs are standing within the circle -- this means that damage from arrows and spells, cast from a distance, will not break active regeneration while in the circle.
Final Retreat


20 90-110 Bat Nut, Blackthorn Berries 3 sec 75 secs 4 tiles 610
This spell will summon a player's corpse to the caster's feet. This spell actually has no range restriction on where the corpse is and will summon the corpse from other facets and from a great distance.

Animation: Do a gate animation on the caster, put a rune on the ground, hide the caster, Move the corspse, show the caster.

Role-Play Spells

Not yet implemented

  1. Animal Shape change Druidry11.jpg (80 skill level)
  2. Summon Earth Elemental Druidry12.jpg
  3. Grow mushroom circle Drawpentagram.jpg


Skills on Sanctuary use our Grimmwold methods for skill training, including passive gains, 2 min timer activation, no difficulty checks, more than 1300 skill points using a .spec setting, and so on. In addition, you can purchase limited training from NPCs as well as advanced " book skills" both of which are available on Master NPCs. Read More ..

  • Low skill levels can be trained by one of the Master NPCs.
  • The books for crafting book skills can be purchased at the Master NPCs.
About this Manual
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