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The Shard has officially opened! We are setup for auto-account creation. Please check out When do we role-play.
If you are new to our community please check out our Getting Started page for new player recommendations.


From Sanctuary Shard

Auto-Account Creation

We are set up with auto-account creation. You can just download, create an account, create up to 5 characters and play. We do not require applications before you play. In fact, we suggest you just come play -- and then submit an application later. Applications are only required for two things:

  1. A shape change
  2. Access to the World Map used by RPCSS

You are welcome to play on both of the other two maps without applying. If and when you do apply, we will happily help you set up your character; including, name changes, shape changes, hair and skin tone. The important part is that you take the time to learn what the shard storyline is about, and how your character will participate.

If you do not intend to participate, then you don't even need to apply. However, we do expect you to adhere to the rules and application expectations, including appropriate role-play names for your character & pets.

If you don't feel comfortable playing your character without an approved application because of the design of the char, you are welcome to start a char with some generic name, like Sally, and we will do a name change  when your application is finally approved.
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Download Instruction

To start, you will need to install the UO Mondain's Legacy client.
  1. You can download the installer below: UOML Installer
  2. Run the installer, make note of where you installed into as you'll need to remember that.
  3. Do not run the game client, do not patch!
Next, you will need the Sanctuary Client Files.
  1. Download this file which contains our custom files: Sanctuary-All.zip - Updated 11-04-19 12:35PM EST
  2. Extract the files from the zip file above into the folder you installed UOML. This will be the folder that contains the file client.exe.
  3. Make sure that these files extract into the UO folder directly! Some versions of unzip tools uncompress into a second folder that won't work.
To launch the game without Razor
You want to launch client-4.0.11c.exe found in the UO Folder


Optional, UO Razor provides a lot of extra and useful functionality
Download and install UO Razor from the below link
Razor Latest Installer

UO Tools

Here's a list of alternate UO tools to use.

UO Fiddler
Test out hues, dress your character before you buy things, overall helpful tool.
UO Steam
This is an alternate to Razor, I like it. Has Autoloot, scavanger, more customizable macros.
Enhanced Razor
Another alternate to the razor client, this seems to take the razor client and improve on it. There's a 60FPS function I haven't gotten to work yet, but that will improve the overall look quality of UO.
http://razorenhanced.org/wiki/doku.php?id=videoguide Here is a video guide to setting it up.

There is some other helpful tools out there, the FPS patcher, a few other SDK kits, write them up if you want.

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