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We are IN TESTING. You are welcome to help test & look around. The shard will be WIPED on July 31st.
All character and character items will be DELETED. We have a soft opening on 8/1, with a go live date of 9/1.


From Sanctuary Shard

To start, you will need to install the UO Mondain's Legacy client. You can download the installer below:

UOML Installer

Next, you will need the Sanctuary Client Files. Below is the All download which includes all the needed files:

Sanctuary-All.zip - Updated 06-09-19

After installing the UOML client, extract the files from the zip file above into the folder you installed UOML. This will be the folder that contains the file client.exe.

Optional: Download and install UO Razor from the below link: UO Razor provides a lot of extra and useful functionality:

Razor Latest Installer

After you have the above completed, to launch the proper client without Razor, you want to launch client-4.0.11c.exe.

(Razor instructions to follow soon)

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