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Sanctuary allows player characters of nearly every race from almost all medieval fantasy fictional settings, including but not limited to: Dungeons & Dragons, Lord of the Rings, Narnia, Game of Thrones, Wheel of Time and of course our own shards.


Your player character is not native to this world, but rather comes from an alternate (medieval fantasy) world. Native characters are restricted to Non-player Characters. Part of your character's past and present story must include the understanding that their previous existence in prior worlds begins to fade within a reasonably short period of time.

  1. Regardless of your character's actual birth race, they must fit within one of the five races categories; Human, Aelfeyn, Muiri, Hoggur or Summon/Constructs, see below.
  2. All characters must abide by the limitations of the race. (Ex: You can not be a Muiri and avoid being susceptible to iron.)
  3. Individual sub-races who have non-human avatars are restricted to available 2D UO graphics. Read More ...
  4. Graphics and races may be further restricted by staff if needed for clarity sake in role-play.
  5. No multi-racial supernatural characters; no vamp-were, no undead-dragons, no dragon-vampires, no fairy-weres, etc. (Half-elves, half-orcs, and such are fine.)




The mainstay of most fantasy worlds, the terror of gothic novels, the romance of the night and fear of all small children -- humans are so much more then farm boy turned dread pirate. On Sanctuary, the humans understand it is their birthright that defines them. This race includes not only humans, but demi-humans, vampires, witches, lycanthropes and all who were born human. Read More ...



The Aelfeyn consider themselves the first race, though they are not the only who claim such. In the lore of the various dimensions, they are known by many other names; the Alfar, the Trow, the Gentry, the Children of Dana, Trooping Fairies, Vanyarin, Court Fey, The Eldar and the Avari, High Elves, Snow Elves, and by dozens of other names from hundreds of other worlds. Read More ...



The Muiri have developed many origin stories over the millennia and throughout the vast worlds in which they inhabit. Stories of fairies, nymphs, and otherkin are told time and time again around fires, and as bedtime stories. But it will be here on Sanctuary, which the Muiri call Tèarmann ap Dídean, that the Muiri will come to understand a new origin story; a tale of iron and ice, of a great black dragon that rules the moon-bright sky, and the elements of water and air that infuse their very nature. Some still deny they are part of the Muiri, but iron is their kryptonite and by this all Muiri are known. Read More ...



Hoggur are, quite literally, the salt of the earth. Sometimes, they are the dirt of the earth; occasionally the marshes, swamps and bogs. Hoggur are creatures of the earth, the deep earth where roots tangle and treasure grows. Hoggur believe that their origins lay within the earth itself, and perhaps even with the great world serpent Jormungandr. Many Hoggur are of giant sub-races, but the race also includes dwarves, gnomes and goblins. If a human has a bulbous nose, it might be said, "He's got a bit of Hoggur in him." Read More ...

Summons & Constructs


Gods and heroes are not the only creatures that may find themselves summoned into this world. Sanctuary is rich with the magic of creation, and all manner of elementals, familiars, golems, and daimons may find that they have been yanked from their own world into this one. Magic-users, and those who benefit from powerful gods, may with some skill cause other entities to be summoned or to breathe life into inanimate constructs. Read More ...

Non-Player Character

Non Player.jpg

Players are permitted to play characters native to Sanctuary as NPCs. As we allow five character slots, and not everyone will use all of their slots, the option to create flavor characters for the purposes of story telling are available to the community. Read More ...

Questions & Answers

Can I have a shape change?
Yes, pretty much any character can have a shape change, even humans. All I ask is that you explain the shape change in your application so it makes some reasonable logic. Given that this is an iconographic world that is much the real plane as it is the astral plane, even humans should be able to embrace their totem animal with enough effort.
Can I submit my own sub-race to the wiki?
Yes we have plenty of room for you to submit your own sub-race and would love to see it, please go here.

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