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Custom Player Commands

From Sanctuary Shard

.arm <set | 1 | 2 | disarm | toggle | bag>
.arm 1: switches to the weapon defined as 1 (.arm set 1)
.arm 2: switches to the weapon defined as 2 (.arm set 2)
.arm disarm: takes any weapon out of your hand
.arm toggle: will switch between 1 and 2, if no weapon equip defaults to 1
.arm bag: allows you to set an arm/disarm bag
.afk or .afk <message>
Every 1 minute, alerts other players that you are away from keyboard with an emote. Move or type ".afk" again to turn it off. Type a message after .afk (like ".afk Be back in 10 minutes") to add a custom message.
.bandage <self | partner | closest | target> [-players-only]
self: Apply a bandage to yourself
partner: Apply a bandage to your chosen partner
closest: Apply a banadage to the closest friendly target
target: Allow the player to target who should be healed
-players-only: When searching for the closest target, it will only find player targets instead of pets
.cast <spell ID> [self | partner | cursor]
Allows you to cast a spell with a dot command. The spell ID is required, but the targeting options are optional. Providing one of the targeting options will force the spell to be cast with that targeting strategy, regardless of what your default strategy is set to. (Note, this ONLY applies to beneficial spells)
self: Force the spell to be cast with you as the target
partner: Force the spell to be cast with your spell partner as the target (see .partner for details on setting your spell partner)
cursor: Forces the spell to be cast using a target cursor to allow you to choose the target manually
Open all doors within 2 tiles of you
Dumps all items from one container into another
.emote or .e
Brings up a list of animations/sound effects your character can make
.grab <bag | autocarve | options>
Grabs all items on corpses and the ground around you.
bag: sets the bag items are grabbed into.
autocarve: toggles whether to auto-carve bodies when using .grab
options: displays a window to choose what type of loot you wish to grab
Note: .grab will bypass item count and weight limits on your inventory, so .grab with care!
We have a lovely custom description system, accessed via .look; this command both looks at others, and gives you access to edit your own. Just do a .look on yourself, then click "Edit Description" at the bottom. You can use some basic html markup here, such as to add a link to a picture you uploaded elsewhere, or to force line breaks. Read Me..
Sanctuary uses a message of the day command (.MOTD) which also functions as our event calendar. Players can create their own events and tag a location allowing guests to join them at the event location. All players are welcome to create and host events; this is not exclusive to seer-run events only. Read More
.nexttarget <range>
Allows you to cycle through mobs on the screen within the specified range starting with those closet to you. This will change the opponent target and attack the mob.
Marks an item as owned by you.
Allow you to specify which language you want to see as overhead text. Passing ENG to the command (ex. .overheadlang ENG) will specify to the server that you want all overhead text to be English, passing POR (ex. .overheadlang POR) will specify you want to see all overhead text in Portuguese. This has no effect on the text displayed in the journals, just what the text looks like over players heads.
.partner <bandage | spell>
Sets a targeted player as your current bandaging or spell partner. Certain other commands can operate on your partner directly.
bandage: Sets your partner for bandaging
spell: Sets your partner for beneficial spell casting that targets a partner
Activates the Perfection ability in the Precision skill.
Point to a specific spot on the screen. Text will pop up at that spot.
.sort <type>
Similar to moveitems. Moves items in a specific category from one container to another. Valid types are gems, wands, regs, scrolls, armor, weapons, clothing, potions, hides, jewelry. For example, ".sort regs" will move all reagents from one container to another.
Staff member uses .shapechange set human. That sets humanbodyvalue and humanbodyhue. Then they can change the player's body value and play around with hue until the player is satisfied, and then the staff member uses .shapechange set other. This sets otherbodyvalue and otherbodyhue. Staff can also manually set all 4 of these props if they need to.
Players type .shapechange to toggle between human and non-human form
Lets you choose which skill title will show on your paperdoll.
Sanctuary uses the .spec setting for skill. This allows you to have 4 non-craft skills to 100, 4 non-craft skills to 80, 4 non-craft skills to 60 and 3 craft skills to 100. New characters will receive 60 points in all spec'd skills. Read More ..
Allows the players to set several options related to spell casting with the new spell casting systems. Mainly this is where you can change your auto-attack spell targeting to allow you to train auto-cast spells on a training dummy, and set your beneficial targeting strategy.
.strategy <self | partner | cursor>
Sets your default beneficial spell targeting strategy
self: Beneficial spells will target you automatically
partner: Beneficial spells will target your spell partner automatically (see .partner for details on setting your spell partner)
cursor: A targeting cursor will be provided to allow you to choose your target manually
.useitem <item name>
Uses an item if it is in your backpack. The item name should be the item's name with no spaces. For example, ".useitem spellbook".
.vis / .vislist / .visclear
Lets selected players see you while you are hidden/stealthed. .vis adds a player. Using .vis again on the same player will remove them from your allowed list. .vislist displays who is on your list of allowed players. .visclear deletes everyone from your allowed list.
Brings up a list of online characters. It also has a Looking for Roleplay box to check, which gives others the option to easily find RP.
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