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From Sanctuary Shard

Herding is primarily used to butcher animals and make candles.

  • This skill can be used to herd items, please see Herding on UO Guide.


This skill is used to herd animals, butcher animals, gather honey, and produce was products like candles.


Take up your crook ( or leave it in your pack) and double click it to start your journey as a shepherd. Target the creature you plan to herd. You will be asked where you want it to go, at this point you have two choices.

First option, target a location. If you are successful the creature will walk slowly in that direction until it reaches the point you targeted. Once it reaches the target it will resume its normal activities, it will not stay at the destination point. Failure results in the message that you could not persuade the creature to move.

Second option, target yourself. The creature will follow you at a easy walking speed until you release it by sending it to a targeted point. There appears to be no limit to the size of the herd you may amass, they take no follower slots, but they can be distracted.


When one of the following animals is killed hunting, you can use a dagger on the animal to get an unbutchered animal. The unbutchered animal can then be cleaned and butchered by someone with the herding skill, using a normal dagger near a butchers block. You will receive any appropriate hides, feathers, wool or meat.

  • Fatted Cow
  • Adult Deer
  • Plump Chicken
  • Big Rabbit
  • Fatted Goat
  • Fatted Pig
  • Plump Sheep

Apiculture (Book Skill)

Once you reach 80 herding, you can purchase the Apiculture book from the Master Farmer, which will teach you how to convert raw beeswax into rendered beeswax so as to be able to make candles and other wax products.

  1. You need to go to one of the community bee-hives and gather raw beeswax and honeycombs.
  2. Use a Wax Crafting Pot (made by tinkers) near a heat source to turn raw beeswax into beeswax, and honeycomb into jars of honey.
  3. Use the same pot to make blank candles and wicks, which are then used to make various types of candles.
  • Colored Candles are colored randomly. We have put in a selection of about 15 colors that should cover all the colors needed to role-play candle magic, and still be nice as deco.
  • Candle Fit Skull can be found on Skeletons.


Skills on Sanctuary use our Grimmwold methods for skill training, including passive gains, 2 min timer activation, no difficulty checks, more than 1300 skill points using a .spec setting, and so on. In addition, you can purchase limited training from NPCs as well as advanced " book skills" both of which are available on Master NPCs. Read More ..

  • Low skill levels can be trained by one of the Master NPCs.
  • The books for crafting book skills can be purchased at the Master NPCs.
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