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From Sanctuary Shard

Magery is the primary skill of the spell caster. Magery is not recommended to first time players as it is both difficult and costly to level up.



Magery is the skill that determines the success of casting magery spells. Magery uses a spellbook which can contain all of its 64 spells. Low-level spell scrolls can be found on some NPCs, while high-level spells can only be found on monsters or crafted by players. If you purchase a spellbook from an NPC Vendor it will be empty. Full spellbooks maybe be found on player vendors, or can be commissioned directly from a player with Inscription.

  • The original names for the reagents have not been changed in-game but not in the spell book, please refer to the below list for translation.
  • The resurrect spell does not work on pets.


For a list of spells you can refer to this page on UO Guide, however our magery is pre-aos and functions differently then current UO or any of our previous shards. Consequently, you may discover that some spells, such as Bless, don't work like you expect.


Magery reagents, aka Magical Herbs, can be harvested with Lumberjacking and the book skill of Wildcrafting.

  • Black Pearl is now Blackthorn Berries with the same graphic. However, there is also black pearls which are used in crafting.
  • Blood Moss has not changed
  • Garlic is now Woundwort
  • Ginseng is now Mugwort
  • Mandrake is now Mandragona
  • Nightshade is now Belladonna
  • Spider's Silk is now Bee's Lace
  • Sulfurous Ash is now Bat Nut


Skills on Sanctuary use our Grimmwold methods for skill training, including passive gains, 2 min timer activation, no difficulty checks, more than 1300 skill points using a .spec setting, and so on. In addition, you can purchase limited training from NPCs as well as advanced " book skills" both of which are available on Master NPCs. Read More ..

  • Low skill levels can be trained by one of the Master NPCs.
  • The books for crafting book skills can be purchased at the Master NPCs.
  • Train magery by casting any spell of any circle.
About this Manual
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