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From Sanctuary Shard

Table of Contents for all Staff Pages.

  1. First (color) rule: If it GLOWS, SPANGLES, SPARKLES OR TWITCHES ... it's NOT okay! Approved colors here.
  2. Second staff rule: No mounts, no gm robes, just look normal and approachable, nothing that is "cool" or "impressive".
  3. NEVER do for yourself, your friends, your spouse or your guild mates. Ask another staffer to do it.
    • The flip side of this coin: Don't take any negative actions for anyone you have recently clashed with, whether it was IC or OOC.
  4. Don't spawn in mobs without KNOWING they are in THIS game and working. Broken mobs can crash the shard and kill players.

Job Duties

  1. Help set up new players with hair, skin and shape change, make sure you know which hues are approved, and have read the Non-Human Avatars (Rules) for graphics.
  2. Read the bug boards, and help answer posts that might not be bugs, but are rather player ignorance. Be polite.
  3. Answer questions in Discord, and help players get their game set up.
  4. Have a wiki account and USE IT. If there is a place that we have set up that asks staff to document things, assume it is your responsibility to help get it documented.
  5. Read applications and thumb up if they look good, if you have questions on apps, ask an admin. Only admins (Daisy, Hal, Mith, and Lara) approve and move apps.
  6. PROMOTE RPCSS in Discord and when talking to new players. This is a new thing, and I know many staff are not sure how it will play out, but we need to encourage players to be aware of it and to choose houses to join.
  7. Support House Leaders. If they ask for something, and it doesn't seem like a cheat or unfair, help them out. This includes doing decoration for events, making gifts for events, giving out a dye tub or two in their house colors, etc. They are doing the work of our seer team, make them feel supported and appreciated.
  8. Setup housing: Housing (Staff)

Seer Stuff

At this time, I am not hiring seers. Nor do I want general staff doing seer or storyline stuff. I need players to look to RPCSS for their story lines and break the expectation of staff provided stories. This is going to take some time, and staff should be focused on supporting houses or running their own houses as players, or offering to run NPC mob houses in RPCSS.

If you like the idea of being the Troll Leader, we can set you up in RPCSS with a "Troll Team" and you can move troll armies around the map like others move their armies. You will be expected to have a Troll Leader character to role-play out negotiations and stuff.

Banned Players

  1. Their houses and vendors will not be released until at least 72 hours have passed.
  2. This will never be done at the request of a player who wants the building. The more someone asks, the more secretive I will get about when I release it. :)
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