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We are IN TESTING. You are welcome to help test & look around. The shard will be WIPED on July 31st.
All character and character items will be DELETED. We have a soft opening on 8/1, with a go live date of 9/1.


From Sanctuary Shard


  1. Don't Cheat. Private shards have custom scripts but rarely do they have enough good testers, consequently, players are expected to report any possible cheats immediately.
  2. Harassment. We have a strict rule against any type of political, racial, religious, sexual or gender harassment. This includes but is not limited to provocative meme's and jokes.
  3. Rage Quitting. If you rage quit, expect us to consider that your final exit and ban your accounts right then and there.
  4. Private Chats. There is one official Sanctuary Shard discord chat, and one official forum. We have no control over privately created chat rooms, group discussions or other private means of ooc communication, but we do not officially support them, nor do we allow them to be posted or advertised on our official formats.
  5. Death. Sanctuary is not a perma-death shard, however, due to the nature of political based role-play conflict, there needs to be a way to remove a character from the role-play stage. Consequently, we support extended ghost times for role-play death, which differs dramatically from a basic game mech death. Read More ...

Code of Conduct

We expect all players to abide by our Code of Conduct. Failure to do so may result in restrictions and bans.

  1. Wheatons Rule: Don't be a Dick
  2. Practice good role-play etiquette as outlined below.
  3. Disability Respect: If you suffer from any form of mental, physical or emotional disability you have both our understanding and our sympathy. If that disability may effect how you interact with the community and you need allowances made please let an admin know privately so that we can advise the staff team as to how best to support you.

Role-Play Etiquette

Metagaming is defined as using out of character information in character. Metagaming is further classified as a role-play etiquette and is thus managed along with other breaks of our Code of Conduct. Read More ...
Forceful Roleplay or Godmodding
Do not force actions on another player. This is referred to as GodModding. For example, in an RP scene do not grab someone and throw them against a wall, if you would like to do something like that, emote "grabs and attempts to slam them against a wall". Leave the decision as to whether or not the player will allow you to do this up to them.
Turn-based posting
Ultima Online does not support paragraph role-play, therefore, turn based posting is only needed in role-play combat situations.
Multi-line Posting
Players are allowed to post more than one consecutive line of role-play as part of their scene, however, other players are not required to wait on additional posts. It is helpful to let others know you are continuing onto a second line using something like -C at the end of the line.
Role-play Punctuation
It is considered good manners to differentiate between dialog, emotes and ooc comments. Please use quotes around dialog, asterisks around emotes, or parens around ooc comments when necessary to indicate a change of format within a single post. Obviously, UO has a built in speech and emote formats that are also usable.
Negative Thought Emotes without representation
The use of negative thought emotes is considered questionable, but when they are done in such a way that the target doesn't have a valid way of responding, its down right rude. All players have permission to respond to negative thought emotes as if they were spoken outloud.
Offline is Offline
It is considered bad manners to accuse a character of failing to do something or failing to be somewhere when the player is off line. This is especially true when the accusation has a serious impact on the character's storyline or reputation. It is advisable to set realistic expectations and deadlines for characters who's players have jobs, families and a need for sleep.

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