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From Sanctuary Shard

We offer both player housing and player shops. Please note that houses can not have vendors, and shops are required to have stocked vendors.

8/29/19 - More shops were added
8/31/19 - Housing rental refunds implemented
10/4/19 - Weekly Rental Prices on houses should be equal to the number of lock downs on Cuiveinen (World Map) and 10x the number of lock downs on Summer Isle. If you feel the price on your home on the mainland (Cuiveinen) is not set correctly, you may page to have it checked.


  1. Housing on the mainland may be disrupted by war and overran by hostiles.
  2. The noble house which controls the hex a house sign is in, has authority over those houses and is able to evict people. Evictions take a week to go into effect after notice.

Summer Isle

  1. Summer Isle is safe housing and will not be impacted by RPCSS. As long as you have enough gold for your weekly rental you should be able to keep your house indefinately.
  2. There are 10 shops in Summer Isle, they have wooden shingle roofs and outdoor counters. These 10 buildings can have vendors, and stocked vendors are required. Staff reserve the right to reclaim any shop that has become inactive.
  3. As all shops are purchased and filled, additional buildings will be marked as shops in a circular pattern out from the first 10.
  4. Shops are designed to circumvent the crafting station requirement. This was done to allow players to role-play their craft in their shops. However, shops are considered public, and AFK Macroing is not allowed in them. Some items like the spinning wheel and loom require specific targeting and thus spinning and weaving can't be done in shops.
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