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How to Train Skills

From Sanctuary Shard

Skills on Sanctuary use our Grimmwold methods for skill training, including passive gains, 2 min timer activation, no difficulty checks, more than 1300 skill points using a .spec setting, and so on. In addition, you can purchase limited training from NPCs as well as advanced " book skills" both of which are available on Master NPCs.

The .Spec Window

Sanctuary uses the .spec setting for skill. This allows you to have 4 non-craft skills to 100, 4 non-craft skills to 80, 4 non-craft skills to 60 and 3 craft skills to 100.

  • You can use power scrolls to raise the caps of your primary skills over 100 IF, and only if, you forgo one of your crafting skills. This is still being programmed.
  • Only skills that are set in the .spec will train over 0.
  • When you use .spec for the first time, skills set in .spec will be set to 60. You have one week to adjust your .spec skills to your liking and start with 60 skill, after which point if you change your skill set newly-added skills will have to be trained from zero.

What if I've made a mistake or want to change categories after the first week?

You can move an already-spec'ed skill between categories at any time without losing skill points. For example, if you want to move Fencing from primary (100 cap) to secondary (80 cap), you can do so without losing any points in Fencing. If your current skill level is higher than the new cap, you will lose the extra points above the cap cutoff.

To change skills around (using Fencing as an example):

  • Open .spec
  • Do not save until the very end of the process
  • Replace Fencing with another skill (temporarily), say Camping.
  • Put Fencing in the slot/category you want it
  • Now replace Camping/the temporary skill with something you actually want.
  • Now you can Save

Passive Skill Gain

You will gain skill simply by being in game. It takes approximately 170 hrs to GM a skill passively. However, we hope this will reduce any of the anxiety or rush to usage skill gain, not forcing you to choose between RPing and training. The system will randomly train any spec'd skill over 10 that is not locked. That means to have a spec'd skill be available for passive skill gain, you will need to usage train it over 10. It only picks one skill at a time to train, thus to GM 10 skills would take 1700 hrs. Passive skill gain is curved, lower skill trains faster then higher skill.

This system should also help the casual player. They won't need to choose between working a skill and just rping. Oh it will take a long time, but its free.


There are two different active usage gain systems on the shard, one for craft/harvest skills and one for everything else

Craft/Harvest Skills

Most crafting or harvesting takes a while, most items take at least a minute to craft. During the crafting or harvesting process you receive a POSSIBLE GUARANTEED skill gain check every 5 seconds. This means you shouldn't have to craft a million things just to get gain, as you get gains during the crafting process. It also means that you do not have to craft only those items that are "appropriate" for your skill level, you will gain on everything you make. This way you can make what the shard needs, not just a million things no one wants.

IF you do make items that are "appropriate" for your skill level you may get one more skill gaining check at the end of the crafting cycle, but its such a relatively small extra chance that its not worth making a lot of items no one needs and you can't sell.

Non Craft/Harvest Skills

  • Every time you use a skill it kicks off 2 minutes of training. If you use the skill again within that two minutes, the 2 minute timer is reset to 2 minutes.
  • You get a guaranteed possible skill check for that skill continually during the two minutes just like our passive skill gain system and our crafting.
  • All skills are be defined as Easy, Medium, or Hard. Easy skills gain at the same rate as crafting does now, Medium gains are between the two, and Hard gain at the same rate as Passive Gain does now.
  • Many skills (but not all) ADDITIONALLY kick off training on a second or third skill. For example: Swords train tactics and anatomy, Witchcraft trains eval int, Provocation trains Musician ship, Parry would train tactics.
  • The gains are guaranteed, there are no more checks for difficulty
  • You can only train 5 skills at once. However, each time you use an additional skill it replaces the oldest of the five skills currently training, if you are training five skills.
  • If the skill you use is locked, it WILL train the associated skills if they are unlocked.
  • If you use two skills, like swords and parry that both train tactics, you won't gain tactics twice as fast.
  • Ideally, ANY skill check should kick this system off, including controlling pets. So you'll be able to gain taming by using your pets, not taming 50 zillion mobs.
  • If you choose to macro, you will only need to macro the skill once every 2 mins, seriously decreasing the hits to the server.
  • If the skill is not set up in your .spec window it won't train AT ALL!


You are welcome to macro skills. However with this design, we hope you will not feel you need to macro, and that you can just go out and play the game, hunting or what have you, rather then sitting in your house staring at the screen.

If you DO choose to macro, we ask that you only kick off the skill usage enough to reset the 2 minute timer. Thus if you are going to train 3 primary skills in a macro, please set a delay between each of 40 seconds. This will save the server and decrease your spam.

We also hope that with the significant decrease in spam, you'll feel more likely to get out and about and role-play while kicking off the occasional macro because you'll be able to read the bloody journal.

Combat Skills

Master Minstrel
Trains discordance, musicianship, peacemaking, and provocation, along with the bard mastery book.
Weapon Master 
Trains archery, fencing, focus, mace fighting, parry, swordsmanship, tactics, throwing and wrestling.
Master Healer 
Trains healing, anatomy, meditation, resisting spells, evaluate intelligence, spirit speak
Trains bushido, chivalry and ninjitsu and any necessary books
Master Mage
Trains Magery, Necromancy, and Spellweaving. Includes necessary spellbooks
Spy Master
Trains all of the thieving skills including forensics which also includes taste id, item id and arms lore.
Master Warden
Trains all of the wilderness skills, excluding herding/butchery.

Resource and Craft Skills

Farm Master
Trains farming, herding, tailoring, cooking, alchemy. Plus all the relevant book skills for these crafts/resources.
Dock Master
Trains fishing, cartography. Plus all the relevant book skills for these crafts/resources.
Master Woodsman
Trains artistry, lumberjack, bower/fletcher, inscription, carpentry. Plus all the relevant book skills for these crafts/resources.
Master Metalsmith
Trains mining, tinkering, black smithing. Plus all the relevant book skills for these crafts/resources.
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