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From Sanctuary Shard

Armor on Sanctuary is pre-aos with heavy customization.

Damage Reduction for AR
Damage reduction for AR scales from 0% at 0 AR to 24% reduction at 60 AR, and 30% at 100 AR. The AR from shields are not included in this calculation (CC 6.20).
Bonus HP's by AR
  • You receive a hit point bonus equal to your base armor rating (AR) X 2. Base AR is the AR given by the type of armor (plate, chain, leather, etc) unmodified by resource (ore, leather) type or buffs. Example: The hit point bonus for iron plate chest is the same as valorite plate chest.
  • The ability to mediate in armor is based on your total armor rating. Read More ..
Armor effects how much extra mana you get.
The more metal armor you wear the less mana bonus you will get. At full plate your mana should be equal to your int. Mixing and matching other types of metal armor should give you some mana bonus, all the way up to double in leather or non armor.
  • You can not stealth with a total AR over 26.
  • AR also increases the stealth difficulty check.
  • Armor has no effect, whatsoever, on hiding.
Player Crafted Armor
  • Crafting an "exceptional" piece will add additional bonus points to the piece's base AR.
  • A full suit of exceptional armor will give you 8 bonus AR, with the bonus scaling down depending on which pieces you have on if not a full set.

Dex Modifier by Item

Armor Type Head Gorget Glove Arm Leg Chest
Plate -1 -1 -2 -2 -6 -8
Chain 0 n/a n/a n/a -3 -5
Ring n/a n/a -1 -1 -1 -2

Ore Types

Ore effects the AR of metal armor; plate, chain, and ring

Resource AR Mod
Iron 0
Dull Copper 2
Shadow Iron 4
Brown Stone 4
Copper 6
Cottage Gold 6
Bronze 8
Iron Lilac 8
Gold 10
Agapite 12
Sylvan 12
Verite 14
Silver 14
Valorite 16

Leather Types

Resource AR Mod
Regular 0
Spined 10
Horned 13
Barbed & Rugged 16
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