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From Sanctuary Shard

Incantation, which was Evaluate Intelligence, is the support skill for all damage spells in Evocation, Vahonomancy and Mysticism, as well as the skill used for utility spells including recall, gate and mark. Only Incantation spells can be made via Inscription.


Incantation has those utility spells deemed necessary from the original Magery skill. It is all used passively in combination with Evocation, Vahonomancy and Mysticism and provides a damage bonus to all Evocation and Vahonomancy combat spells and some Mysticism spells. The title for Incantation is Arcanist

Due to the nature of the spells Incantation uses original UO style targeting.
The spells can be cast using the .cast command. Incantation spell IDs are shown in the table below.
Incantation spells do not fizzle, and all are castable at 60 skill.
Incantation consumes magical parchment and magical ink, craftable by Inscription and Cooking respectively
The cooldown for all Incantation spells, except teleport and dispel, is 5 seconds. Teleport, which can be used in combat is 30 seconds. Dispel has a cool down of 15 seconds.
Cast Time
Cast Time for all spells is 1 second.


Icon Spell Mana Skill Level Range Spell ID
Nightsight.jpg Night Sight 4 0 6 301
Magictrap.jpg Magic Trap 6 20 6 302
Magiclock.jpg Magic Lock 8 40 6 303
Telekinesis.jpg Telekinesis 10 60 6 304
Recall.png Recall 10 60 4 305
Mark.jpg Mark 10 60 0 306
Magic trap.jpg Remove Trap 14 60 6 307
Reveal.jpg Reveal 14 60 6 308
Unlock.jpg Unlock 16 60 6 309
Teleport.jpg Teleport 18 60 12 310
Incognito.jpg Incognito 22 60 self 311
Incognito will last for an hour and you can cancel the effect at any time by recasting the spell. In addition, Incognito will hide your .look, guild affiliation, and title from other players.
Gate.jpg Gate 26 60 4 312
Dispel.png Dispel 28 60 8 313


Skills on Sanctuary use our Grimmwold methods for skill training, including passive gains, 2 min timer activation, no difficulty checks, more than 1300 skill points using a .spec setting, and so on. In addition, you can purchase limited training from NPCs as well as advanced " book skills" both of which are available on Master NPCs. Read More ..

  • Low skill levels can be trained by one of the Master NPCs.
  • The books for crafting book skills can be purchased at the Master NPCs.
  • Train by casting spells, otherwise Incantation trains along with Evocation, Vahonomancy and Mysticism.
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