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Status as of June 8th, 2019: We have a tentative lore, list of races, map plan and start date. All things going according to play we hope to open August 1st, otherwise September 1st. Design Page Moved to here.


From Sanctuary Shard

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It is our intention to allow all new players to start on a starter facet until they are ready to put in their application. We intend to keep applications simple.

Update 6/15

I have added some general guidelines below for those who wish to get started on their character ideas sooner rather than later. At this time we still have not yet decided on starting skills and you are encouraged to vote on the Starting Skills Poll here.

In general, we will be allowing auto-account generation which will start new players on one of the small map facets. This small map is named Summer Isle and is the primary location for new players, newbie hunting, vendor shops and day to day role-play. Once a characters application is approved they will be able to leave Summer Isle and return to it at any time via easy to use game mechanics.


Your arrival in Sanctuary, which is called Cuiviénen by the Aelfeyn, begins on Summer Isle home to the Grey Rider. An island in the western sea which is a true sanctuary. The Grey Rider protects his lands from the ravages of war, making it an excellent location for vacation and commerce. Most of the heroes keep homes or shops here where they are able to welcome new realm arrivals.


  1. We expect one account per player and reserve the right to investigate if accusations of cheating or meta gaming become prevalent. Otherwise we hope to simply ask everyone to play fair.
  2. You may use all five of your character slots, but you can only have one RPCSS account.
  1. There are five main categories of races, you must choose one of those five categories and abide by their limitations. Otherwise, you may be of any sub-race that you wish with the following restrictions.
  2. Individual sub-races who have non-human avatars are restricted to available 2D UO graphics. Read More ...
  3. There are no skill or stat modifications based on race (at this time).
  4. Shard lore and politics are intended to group characters by moral/ethical lines rather than racial lines.
Arrival in the World
  1. Player characters are brought into Sanctuary by either one of the character's own gods or by one of the three main forces of Sanctuary; Ancalagon the Black, Jormungandr, or the Grey Rider.
  2. Player characters can have arrived anytime on Sanctuary in the last 10 years. This maybe a necessary fiction for anyone who is interested in creating a Noble House.
  1. There are five kingdoms in Sanctuary and player characters are encouraged, but not required, to choose a kingdom to join either at the time of application or soon after.
  2. We understand that our players have a tendency toward loner behavior -- however, be advised that the shard storyline is geared at characters who have kingdom allegience.

We are not looking for a literary presentation, rather simply to understand the situation of your character's arrival so that we can head off any misunderstandings at the time of application.

  1. As stated elsewhere, the application team is looking for a basic backstory of less then 400 words that simply explains what the character was doing prior to arriving in Sanctuary.
  2. Additionally, if your character has been here for more then a few months, what the character was up to during that time. A time line of the last ten years will be made available shortly, until then, just keep this brief, i.e. perfecting my crafting skills, in a leadership position of a noble house, starting a pirate gang, etc.

About the Map

  1. All characters begin on Summer Isle, a UO map facet that is separate from the World Stage map. Summer Isle is the new player area as well as the safe zone and crafting/market center for the shard.
  2. Fictionally, Summer Isle is protected by the Grey Rider and is where the heroes and "nobility" go to get away from the politics and hassle of the royal courts.
  3. The mainland map which we refer to as "The World Stage" is as large as can be made in UO. This is a necessary implementation to create the sense of immersion required for RPCSS.
  4. We do not expect the towns on the mainland to have a large enough player population to generate day to day role-play.

Players are cautioned to manage their expectations regarding the kingdom capitals becoming "role-play centers" and should treat the mainland cities as backdrops to the political role-play generated by RPCSS.

  1. Housing on Summer Isle, unlike the mainland, will not be disrupted by war and is where we expect most casual role-play encounters to happen.
  2. Housing on the mainland will be available to members of the individual kingdom.
  3. Housing on the mainland may very well be overran by hostiles.

Player Application

Discord Id -
Please give us the discord account name that we can use to message you on discord.
Character Name -
We require role-play appropriate names. Names using odd characters or capitalization are not allowed.
Character Race & Sub-Race-
We want to know what Sanctuary race best suits your character and what their sub-race is. Since we allow you to bring in a sub-race from a variety of other fictional worlds please let us know what the source for your characters sub-race is. Example: Aelfeyn, sub-race D&D Drow.
Character Description -
Please provide details such as height, skin and hair color, any any deviations from human normal.
Character Kingdom -
This is the kingdom on Sanctuary that your character intends to join.
Special Role-play Trait-
If you want to claim an ability that can not be represented with UO skill you must list it here or the players can call you on it.
Backstory -
400 characters or less. We just want to know where they are coming from and what they like to do. You may not play a native to Sanctuary, but your character can have arrived any time within the last 10 years.

House Application

We are accepting ideas for Noble Houses at this time, and have a working application. If you would like to participate in the creation of the lore for a noble house please post your application on the House Application board where I can review it while you find the required number of players. Read More ...

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