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Non-Player Character

From Sanctuary Shard

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Non-player characters are being shelved as a playable race for players. Instead, this page will be moved to the staff category for reference by seers.

There are two basic categories for NPCs; those who are background characters, and those who are not. It is obviously easier to play and approve your local barkeep, traveling tinker, or wandering gypsy. Players who wish to have backdrop characters can expect to be approved to play a wide variety of these types of characters, and may even receive limited GM ability to change their own appearance. (Details pending)

The other type of NPC is one that either has historical knowledge, or the ability to significantly influence a player character's fate. Examples of such NPCS might be one of the racial leaders, native members of your estate, Leaders of NPC Monster groups, etc. Approval of these types of NPCs is on a case by case basis.

  • Native NPCS are restricted by their racial limitations.
  • Can not participate in RPCSS at all.
Physical Traits
Based on their individual race; but players should be respectful of how much work this puts on staff
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