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Skill Swap (Staff)

From Sanctuary Shard

First, check the skill level the player has for the skills they wish to swap. You will .props and then select the player. On the second level of properties, you will see one titled “skills.” Click on the “skills” property and search the skill level of the skills being swapped.

After noting the skill level, ask the player to re-spec their skills. If this is not done and the player's skills are swapped they will eventually revert and/or go down since the skill is not allocated as a primary/secondary/tertiary/craft skill.

Once the player has re-spec’d you can then swap the skill levels. You will select the arrow to the left of the skill and a gump will appear. Here you can input the appropriate skill level. After doing so select the arrow to the right to confirm/save your changes.

You are not done. Don’t forget to .add cookies and make the player smile!

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