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Kingdom Seer (Staff)

From Sanctuary Shard

This page will get more organized as we go along, so expect updates. For now, its just a dump of ideas and expections.

The goal of a kingdom seer is to facilitate the enjoyment of the player run kingdoms. There jobs is to implement storylines that are suitable for the kingdom, and negotiate with other kingdom seers for cross-kingdom plot lines that can not be handled in RPCSS.


  1. Seers will go thru staff ethics training, but are not otherwise staff and should not be handling any player pages unless they are specifically staff in addition.
  2. Seers should not be on their "staff account" unless they are working on setting up events. Admins are able to monitor any staff setting below that of admin with out being seen, so don't look suspicious. :)
    • This includes lurking to read role-play. There is about a one hour window after an event ends that you can reasonably be allowed to do this, otherwise you should not be online.
  3. Seers should never .kill a player.
  4. Seers should never appear to a play except as an NPC in part of a plot.
  5. Seers work for the estate owners of the kingdom, not the other way around.
  6. Know the lore for their kingdom well.
  7. Your available time should match up with the majority of the players in the kingdom.
  8. 2-3 "quests" lasting at least an hour every month.

Your Training

Other then ethics training we do not yet have a kingdom seer training program, in the mean time, just run your ideas by Lara and ask her to check your xmlspawners.

What you can do

  1. Set up and then clean up deco for kingdom events, festivals and quests.
  2. Use the XML spawners to produce temporary spawns for events.
  3. Control an NPC RPCSS estate for the purposes of CONFLICT within the kingdom. Not all kingdoms have available estates, please see Lara if you need ideas for this.
  4. Build structures in green acres you need to make into multi's for a quest. (More details to come)
  5. Play NPCs who live in the kingdom, but not NPCs from other kingdoms.
  6. Help estate owners engage in creative problem solving -- RPCSS is only one tool, its not THE tool, our other tool is RP. We can always entertain pure RP solutions.

Plot Ideas

  • No world ending plot lines
  • Stories should be resolved in 1-3 sessions at most, even if the bad guy gets away for another time

Any criminal activity that needs to be solved, social unrest such as Thorn King Followers, black market activity, evil mage cabals, murderers, kidnappers, highway men.



There are a few ways to provide narration before or during a quest; discord, bcast and as a narrator. Discord is ideal for setting up narration for a quest before it begins as it has the widest audience and is a permanent record. Its just as good to put the information on the News and Rumors page of the wiki and then provide a link to the new entry in Discord. We normally use the "Looking for RP" channel.

Most staff are familiar with bcast, and that is certainly usable, but its important to remember that it spams the entire server, and that isn't always logical for a localized quest. However, its fine to use when necessary.

Another technique that we like is to appear in game with the name Narrator wearing a hooded black GM robe. This lets you give instructions or back story directly in game to a gathered group of players. It is also a very understandable way to let them know that the quest is over for the day and will pick up again.


The motd is your friend, both for setting up quests, as well as getting a group back together in the middle of a quest. Its perfectly fine to set multiple quests as you go along so that stragglers or late commers can join back up. Quests often move, and its much smoother for the player base to learn to go to an motd then to make everyone wait while quests get figured out.


Don't kill players. There will be a moment when you really really want to -- like when some idiot mouths off to a god like character, but don't do it. Just ignore them, and if they are really disruptive then come to one of the Admins and we will remind them of the rules about disruptive RP.

Try not to kill them with spawn. This is a lot harder to do, and takes a lot of experience in balancing a spawn to the player group. But really try not to. A good solution is to have the spawns cover an area and increase in difficulty rather then a big spawn they run into.

Getting in Character

Setting up your NPC isn't as easy as it use to be on POL, much to my frustration. To change your human form you have to manually change your name, your skin, and your hair, then put on clothes. If you need to do a lot of changes, it can be a good idea to get someone to help, or use a non human form in between. Clothing changes can be made easier with razor.

Green Acres

We have four green acres -- large green areas in the dungeon section of the map. There are two on felucca and two on trammel. You are welcome to claim a section for your practicing and set up. Please make sure you put down a book on a counter and add your name and date to the book so that when I go and clean up, I only delete old stuff, not current stuff.

Optional, you can place one of the small house deeds so I know you are working in the area.

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