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XMLSpawner (Staff)

From Sanctuary Shard


  1. Naming your spawners is CRUCIAL! At least you must put your own name on it, but if you are spawning in a dungeon or city then use the dungeon NUMBER or match the node names to the other nodes in the area so we can search correctly. If I find spawner nodes with their default name I will beat you. :)
  2. Do not play around with spawners on production. If you want to learn how to use spawners please go to the test server and play around with them there. In fact, given that we can export and import spawners there is no reason why you can't spawn something we will eventually use on the test server and move it over. So, not "practicing" on production.
  3. I prefer to consolidate spawners as much as possible. This means using the x1y1-x2y2 region option in dungeons, as well as putting multiple vendors on one node and using the location and home options to force them into their specific locations. When and if you are asked to edit a locations vendors or townsfolk you will have to look around for the node instead of just dropping a new one with one vendor on it, that annoys me.
  4. I am not interested in any "sophisticated" spawners at this time. We have lots of basic spawning still to do, and I want that done first.


Convert multi line spawner to paragon

This is for adding a variable rate of paragon to an existing spawner with 5 to 20 mobs on it.

  • Type .addatt xmlparagon (target spawner)
  • Type .getatt (target spawner)
  • Look at the properties of the xmlspawner by hitting the scroll to the left.
  • Set the convertfacter to something near .25, then test.
  • Close everything
  • Open the spawner and being to hit respawn over and over until the amount of paragons feels good.
  • If the number is too high, such as doubles, go back to the .getatt and lower the convertfactor.
  • If its not spawning paragons often enough, go back to the .getatt and raise the convertfactor.

Create a dedicated paragon

This is for creating a spawn where the mob is always paragon. But you MUST change the respawn rate or they can camp the paragon.

  • Create a spawner and rename, use the word "paragon" at the end of the name
  • Type .addatt xmlparagon (target spawner)
  • Type .getatt (target spawner)
  • Open the xmlspawner
  • Add one mob
  • Add the following to the end after his name /isparagon/true
  • If you wish to override his hue, then add /hue/0
  • Edit the props and set the respawn rate to be a few hours on both min and max, so like 1 to 5 hours.

Delete Paragon Attachment

  • Type .getatt
  • On the right there is a box to check, check that and hit delete at the bottom

Treasure Chests

This is the specific code to write when manually adding them to XMLspawners"

  • TreasureLevel1/hue/2700/LockLevel/40/MaxLockLevel/40/RequiredSkill/40
  • TreasureLevel2/hue/2700/LockLevel/60/MaxLockLevel/60/RequiredSkill/60
  • TreasureLevel3/hue/2700/LockLevel/80/MaxLockLevel/80/RequiredSkill/80
  • TreasureLevel4/hue/2700/LockLevel/90/MaxLockLevel/90/RequiredSkill/90

Puzzle Chests

This is the specific code to write when manually adding them to XMLspawners, I also edit them further by changing the level. They automatically spawn at level 2, so add Level/Level#, to change the level (range 1-6)"

  • MetalGoldenPuzzleChest/hue/2677
  • StrongBoxPuzzle/hue/2677

Colored Horses

You need to set both the body value and the item id so that they stay the right body when mounted.


Making Multis

We can make multis that can be added to the xmlspawner from either ingame items created by our .createat or directly from items burned to statics.

  • .writemulti filename zmin zmax -noitems -nostatics -nomultis -noaddons -invisble

To add the new file to a spawner, put this in the book:

  • MULTIADDON,filename


You may wish to force the location with /location/(x,y,z)

  • bonfirelarge - suitable for giants
  • littlecamp - suitable for ratmen and orcs
  • summoningcircle - blood pentagram and some rocks with candles
  • whitestoneruin
  • orcfort
  • cairn
  • bridge4x6b
  • bagballfieldlines, bagballfieldlines2 (no grass)

Making a mob spawn on a horse

Use the following procedure to spawn a mob on a horse:

First field should be the mob you want -on- the horse, for example: Brigand

Second field should be the horse as formatted: horse/rider/GETONSPAWN,1,serial

Now the part that's less obvious: Open the spawner up further using the arrow on the bottom right. You'll see a column titled sub for "subgroup" and assign both the 1st and 2nd field as "1" for subgroup one.

Setting Corpse Name


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