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Shapechange Setup (Staff)

From Sanctuary Shard

  • Check their application on the forum for information about the alternate form
  • Go to player; make sure their skin hue and hairstyle is set as they want it, then type .shapechange set human then target the player to lock their current form as the human option
  • You may then .set OtherBodyValue followed by the bodyvalue off this list.
  • If a custom hue is needed, .set OtherBodyHue followed by the hue
  • Have the player use .shapechange to see their form (both from the side and the front) and then again to .shapechange back to their human form.
  • Adjust as needed
  • You can change the OtherBodyHue and OtherBodyValue in .props as well
Advise the player that there may be graphic glitches with their shape. That there are potentially graphic changes in all shapes, as UO was not designed to handle this. These glitches can not be fixed and must be accepted as part of having a shape change.
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