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Dungeons (Staff)

From Sanctuary Shard

  1. Dungeons on Felucca - We do not use the dungeons on Felucca because of the PvP rules on Felucca, instead we link to the same dungeons on Trammel.
  2. Dungeons on Trammel (Staff) - These dungeons link to Summer Isle and some link to Underhill, for the most part, they are linked to themselves in a series of long chains.
  3. Dungeons on Ilshenar (Staff) - This is the Underhill facet. Most of the dungeons on this map link directly back to the central part of the map.
  4. Dungeons on Malas (Staff) - This is the Summer Isle map, it has no dungeons of its own, but we have a map with the links to the dungeons marked on them.
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