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Wiki Editing (Staff)

From Sanctuary Shard

Morning, all. This does not represent the totality of how to edit wiki page but rather just some helpful don't fuck this up requests from Lara.

  1. Please do not make new pages, Lara will do that.
  2. Wiki Markup Cheatsheet
  3. Paragraph spacing should include ONE line between paragraphs, not multiple ones. There are one or two exceptions, but otherwise, keep the pages tight.
  4. If you think you need to only use the heading level 3 code of === consider instead using the ; and : definition formatting.
  5. I use a lot of tables to improve readability, please try not to break them ...


I use a lot of templates, this is also called an include. They are put on a page using the curly brace and colon and look like this {{: UserManualInclude}}. I use them pretty liberally so you'll want to be aware of them. The fastest way to edit them if you find them on a page is to use the edit option on the black right sidebar. Then they will appear listed at the bottom of the page below the edit window.

The next thing you need to be aware of is how I format the top of a template page:

''Musicianship is the core Bard-themed skill. It is required for any of the other Bard-related skills to even have a chance of success. <includeonly>[[Musicianship |Read more ..]]</includeonly><noinclude>[[category:UserManual]]

  • The beginning begins with an italic code
  • This first part is usually short, in some cases only a sentence, in others a small paragraph. When editing recognize that the length has to do with what other pages I'm using it as an include, keep the length.
  • Next is the Read More section which requires that include only, and the specific formatting for the page link and followed by the /include only. If you find a page that isn't formatted this way, give it to Lara to look at, it might be an old page or being used in a specific way.
  • Then comes the noinclude which allows the rest of the page NOT to be included on the parent page.
  • Its important that the category code comes AFTER this, or you end up double coding a page into a category which can cause issues.
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