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Event Ideas (Staff)

From Sanctuary Shard

Stitch and Bitch
Any group crafting event where the participants use the crafting as a pretext for gossip, conversation, or really any interpersonal RP. Quintessential RP excuse event.
Tavern Night
Similar to the stitch and bitch but really tends to focus on the alcohol and gambling that typically takes place in a tavern. Can run the gambit from quiet evenings in a coffee house discussing philosophy, or outrageous drunken debauchery at the local inn.
Bonfire Stories
Sitting around a bonfire (most capitals will have a hearth fire somewhere) and share stories about conquests, defeats, ghosts, and gods. These can lead to great RP concerning fears and other deep character revelations as the fire light imbues a certain intimacy.
Spa Day
Unwrap the body in the setting of one of the many bath houses throughout the game world. These should be marked specifically for the content rating to avoid embarrassing situations and any held in the Summer Isles should refrain from adult content.
Patrols, hunts, and Escorts
Sometimes the mere act of moving from one point to another can push RP by giving time and opportunity for people to associate. No enemies necessary although if the point is to go clear out a nest, this might qualify as an IC hunt. If you -are- going to post a hunt, please make sure it especially IC and focuses less on combat and more on the RP around the combat.
Crafting Contests
Players compete to create the best engraved item descriptions for a panel of judges or visitors to vote on. Can be anything from who can craft the handsomest sword, the best chest, or most delicate skirt. These can push the presence of meaningful items IG and create opportunities for crafters to find more meaning in the activity.
Tourneys and Gladitorial Combat
Like the crafting contest but more especially geared toward fighters. Can be divided into both mechanical PvP combat or dice rolling and descriptions for a more complete experience. The sky's the limit for this event type.
Council Sessions
One of the larger arenas of RP on Sanctuary is the RPCSS and estate system. Just because players don't have estates doesn't mean they can't get a lot of enjoyment out of engaging with the politics and court intrigue. Set up .motds for events related to public council sessions or royal audiences.
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