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Player Run Quests (Staff)

From Sanctuary Shard

You run the storyline and progress the story, we only help with deco and dice.

  • No Mobs/No Spawns
  • No Staff playing NPCs
  • Deco and Lock Downs with enough warning (Players obligated to page for clean up)
  • Dicing outcomes in Discord DM (not following in game)
Ovadya|EthanYesterday at 7
12 PM

I mean that sounds abundantly fairs. How would someone go about requesting and getting approval? DM you? DM you or me? Ask for it in staff attention?

LaraYesterday at 7
13 PM

Send me a google document with the details and I find someone who's got the skill set and time?

LaraYesterday at 7
20 PM

but like if someone wanted a true black hooded narrator robe to use, I'd be okay with that

Ovadya|EthanYesterday at 7
21 PM

Maybe it's something someone could have lent out? Like "here you go, you're required to turn it back in" kinda dealy?


  • It helps to think of it in terms of events
  • A player could put on a robe and follow the players around dicing outcomes
  • You could train up hiding and stealth as a player and do it via dm too

Lara's Guidelines for Investigative Quests

  1. Figure out what information is available to the players to investigate.
  2. Do NOT predetermine HOW the information must be extracted because "Lara's Law" applies -- in which the minute you decided how players must learn the information they will NEVER think of doing it that way.
  3. Have them ask you specific questions in DM -- not in a party or group discussion. This allows them to pass on the information their own way, often messing it up royally -- you can laugh at them about it behind their backs.
  4. When they ask for a "roll" on some action they are doing decide one of two things: Is this easy info to find out, or does it require a specialized skill. Skills are best, if no skill applies, you can roll against str, dex or int.
  5. If it's a specialized skill, ask them what skill they are using and what their skill level is. Roll a 1d100 and if it's under their skill it's successful. Based on the roll, lower being better, you can optionally give them more info or more details, your call.
  6. You can adjust for really hard difficulties if necessary.
  7. If it does not require a specialized skill, roll 2d6 and if there are any 1s then they get no info, if there are any 6s they get all the info -- UNLESS no more info is available. Scale any other information for rolls in between that.
  8. Never tell them they failed a roll, or that they are out of information -- just say, "You don't find anything useful."
  9. Never EVER discuss the quest with a player OOC.
  10. As a general rule, I don't allow many repeat investigations/roll checks which allow players to get more and more information, UNLESS, they come up with totally new tactics. I also set a limit on how long clues or a scene will last.
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