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Spawners on Felucca (Staff)

From Sanctuary Shard

Current Spawns

  • There is a collection of animal and ogre spawns under the name Crossroad
  • There are some bandit camps spawning in the central part of the map also at the cross roads
  • Lara is working on some travelling spawns but isn't happy with them.
  • Lara is working on some serial camp spawns but hasn't gotten them right.
  • More artic mobs have been added: lady of the snow, cyclops as jotunn, snow elemental, white wyrm, frost trolls, frost dragon, frost ooze, ice serpent, frost spider, ice snake, ice elemental, giant ice wyrm, ice hound, crystal wisp, artic ogre lord.
  • More marsh mobs bogling, bogthing, tentacle, swampdragon, dryads, satyrs, pixies, dark wisp, green goblin, slith, imp, kepetch.
  • More desert mobs wyvern, sand vortex, efreet, raptor, skitteringhopper, ruddyboura, gaman, oni
  • More centern northern ettin, orge lord, cusidhe, tsuki wolf, kitune, giant spider, trapdoor spider, troglodyte,


Ice fiend
desert undead


2440 1200
2320 1232
2144 1232
2024 1272
1872 1256
1616 1288
1488 1136
1232 1064
1056 1048
808 1066
656 904
496 912
360 920
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