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Applications (Staff)

From Sanctuary Shard

Things to check on applications. If you find a problem on an application, you can point it out and then link them to this page so they have the full explanation.

Character Premise
Staff can and should expect players to answer this question on behalf of their characters: "If my character is not going to further some god's own agenda, why was my character brought here in the first place."
Only NPCs, can be native to this world.
If the player is native and human, the sub-race is technically Demi-human not normal human. Normal humans are natives and not able to compete with the other more fictionally powerful races in anyway except sheer numbers. Consequently, because player characters are heroes, and have the same game mechs as vampires, weres, fey, giants, etc, they are classified as "Demi-human".
Human vs Summons/Constructions
There is some grey area for those who are playing something possessed or cursed. Here are some guidelines: If the characters situation is heavily brought on by a type of magic, then their weakness is going to be salt, rather then their races normal weakness, so their category is Summon/Construct. If the thing done to them could have realistically been done to all races including human, and is magically originated, then it's a summon construct. This distinction is especially true when there is a second personality involved.
Unless you are applying for a native NPC, It must be clear to the reader that the character has arrived in this world from ANOTHER place within the last 10 years
RP Ability
This is an actual specific ability, not a character description. Staff and Players are encouraged to look at these other apps for examples of good RP Abilities if they need examples. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
Shape Change
We may have players who do not know how to fill out the shape change graphic and may require us to help them with a selection. Its okay to have them create an account and then spend some time with them. Make sure they know the rules on non-human avatars.
Shard Storyline
We have a number of applicants who do not choose to participate in the shard storyline on any of their characters. Sometimes its because they don't understand the idea and are just looking to get their feet wet first. Others because they don't like conflict driven role-play. This is fine, however I want to make sure they understand the following, which you can copy and paste to their application.
Hello, we see that you have chosen not to participate in the shard storyline at this time, and we absolutely support your decision, there is room for all play styles on the shard. However, we do want to let you know that those players who have actively gotten involved report that their role-play opportunities increased significantly when they joined in. If at any point you feel like you are not getting enough role-play and want to find ways to participate, please do not hesitate to contact staff for ideas and suggestions.
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