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Non-Human Avatars (Rules)

From Sanctuary Shard

Individual sub-races who have non-human avatars are restricted to available 2D UO graphics.

There are a limited selection of UO graphics that can be used for non-human avatars. Staff reserve the right to refuse your requested graphic based on the following guidelines defined by Lara. These guidelines are to assist both the staff and reduce confusion in the player base.

What you see is what you get (WYSIWYG)
The graphic you choose is what your non-human avatar looks like; with the exception of details that are not visible, such as eye color. If you choose an avatar that has bat-like wings, you can't role-play that they are feathered wings.
Conversely, if you only want to use a bear mask to effect your shape change, then the change is limited to your head; you can't claim that the rest of you is also animal-like.
For Example, if you want to play a werewolf, you can use one of the wolf forms or the Tsuki wolf, but the Tsuki wolf has three heads.
Limitations on Dyes
Not only do some graphics not dye well at all, we won't be allowing any sparkly or transparent dyes. We do, however, have a really nice selection of good dyes that may work and we will try our best to get something nice. Realize that a dye colors the entire creature.
No Workarounds
If you want to play a satyr, but don't want to use the satyr graphic, you cannot "put something together that sort of works". This means that many graphics are gender-specific and that is simply a limitation that exists.
No Reservations
Players cannot request that a graphic be reserved only for their sub-race. However, staff may do this to reduce confusion in cases where a particular graphic becomes well-known.
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