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November 12,2020: Our Winter Story Arc has began, Read More. Auto-account creation. Please join us in Discord.
Bem-vindo aos nossos novos jogadores brasileiros. Por favor leia

Map (Staff)

From Sanctuary Shard


  • 06-05-19 - We are looking at a base map in CED. For now we are simply removing the hues on the buildings/ruins and making a list of what is there.


  1. You will need version 7.7 of CED here
  2. You will need the UO Files (This is different then the client) Extract this zip file somewhere on your computer here
  3. You will need to ask Lara in Discord for a user name and password
  4. Server Address for the Big Mainland Map is:
  5. Server Port: 2598
  6. Server Address of Illshenar/Underhill is:
  7. Server Port: 2597
  8. At the bottom of the CED login window, you will need to specify where the UO Files you downloaded above are located
What we need done
  1. A list of what is on the map, it looks like mostly ruins, but they are all using a custom hue that has turned them black, so we are going to need to remove the color from everything and write down the coords of where things are. We will record the coordinates here: Map Coordinates (Staff). If you need a wiki account to edit this, ask Lara.
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